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Posted 7/9/09 , edited 4/3/10

By Koko ♥

[ Anticipation ]

It is said that Romania (Transylvania) is the origin to vampires.

Or so- it is rumored here in America where I live. My name is Eris. I'm 17 years old now. For as long as I could remember my great great grandparents had always read me those myths about Vampires in Romania. Regardless, I loved it when they read them to me. Real or not real, I begged and pleaded my parents on my 17th birthday...

Something strange. No other teenage girl would want as her birthday wish.
To go to Romania and see for herself. If Vampires were really real.

Though my wish isn't the only reason my parents are approving of this so easily.

They once told me I had long lost cousins in Romania, 7 to be exact.
And we would visit. I can't wait... what if THEY were all vampires?

That would be so cool. I'm visiting during Winter Vacation, while school is out for a whole month.
This is going to be the greatest trip ever.

“ERIS! Quit your day dreaming and do the chores!” My step sister- Iris nagged and reminded me whenever she got the chance to. She's one year older than me. And she thinks I'm too old for these silly dreams of mine. But I will prove her wrong. No matter what.

“I-I wasn’t day dreaming!” I defended and snapped out if it, returning to the present.

“Yeah, yeah! Just fold the laundry, okay?” Her voice was far, far off inside the laundry room.

I paced around the corner, into the laundry room. I walked inside the laundry room, seeing a messy pile of shirts- pants unfolded and just waiting for me to fold them. I sighed and began the job.

The old grandfather clock ticked with each passing second the hand moved, it was almost 3:30pm. I sighed again. I wished timed moved faster. “Quit your sighing and just do the damn laundry!” With that I folded faster, never taking my eyes off the pile.

I gave a small nod and smile, just exited about Romania. Iris raised an eyebrow, “Thinking about the trip again?” She asked. I nodded and smiled wider. Opening my mouth to answer, but Iris spoke over me. “...Don’t even answer that. I know the answer.” I chuckled a little under breath. Taking one sleeve and then the other, making the two sleeves overlap on each other, than taking the bottom of the shirt and folding it in an upward manner. It was a plain white shirt. Good for wearing inside the house. But it kind of looks shrunken now...

The next day, which after school ended would begin Winter Vacation. I spent school mostly gossiping to my friends about my amazing trip. They laughed. Of course. Though we were expecting snow on the day of. But that isn't gonna stop me, nor my family from going to Romania.

We would make arrangements if the snow really got out of control. It's just supposed to snow that night, and we are leaving early in the morning. So, I'm expecting nothing but a drizzle throughout the morning, IF it snows in the morning.

I hate the cold weather honestly, but I LOVE the snow. It sparkles, and it's really pretty to me. And especially at night, when all is quite and the snow sticking to the ground shines, and everything white glimmers beautifully. Beckons, and reflects into my curious eyes.

[ Christian ]

This morning, THE day. It was drizzling just as I predicted, but we went anyway. We had our 7 cousins waiting for us in Romania.

The snow began to disperse, the morning went on chilly though. The Airport was still running, that was good. But Tonight would snow, chance was 90%. 10% chance it wouldn't. I'll take the 90% chance. I bundled up in my Winter coat and drank a cup of Capachino to wake me up, Iris just sat there. Waiting and bored. Maybe she would truly believe that my little pipe dreams will actually come true?

I hope so. Mom and Dad were pressed against one another, they're breath could be seen in the air.

And then the announcer spoke over the intercom, "Passengers for Flight 102 heading for Romania, please board now."

I nearly jumped out of my seat for joy! “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s goooo!”

Iris just rolled her eyes. They walked there, but I ran. Who would NOT be exited about visiting 7 vampire --if they were--, cousins!? We found our seat numbers on our tickets and we found that we all could sit together as a family. That was good. I had the window seat of course, when the plane took flight, and we were above the clouds, I felt like this was in one of me dreams. I never imagined this would happen to me... What was waiting for me in Romania? I wonder.

I dozed off for I guess hours, the movie they were displaying bored me to sleep. Something about talking dogs... I don't know. Iris shook my shoulder and woke me up, “Get up, Mrs. Enthusiasm! Time to get off! Were here!” Beside her voice in my ear, I heard loud chatters and people shoving they're way threw the crowds.

“Already!? How many hours have I slept?!” Iris didn't answer. I jumped out of my seat and scanned the almost empty plane- bewildered. That was quick. Iris took my wrist and we ran out of the plane, Dad and Mom followed. The Flight Attendant wished us a good stay and courteously bowed along with the others.

I tripped when my feet surfaced on the ground the GROUND of ROMANIA!

“Holy. . .freaking. . .cra-” Iris cut me off, her palm to my mouth. I forgot Mom and Dad were right behind us.

There was snow around everywhere! Still piled on the ground, a good inch. But not in the danger zone. We got inside the Romanian Airport, and were greeted with our 7 cousins right away. Pale skin. And when they each hugged me, COLD bodies! And their eyes... pupils darker than ours. No way.

And then a man, or he looked old enough to fit the description, greeted me with a hand shake and smile. I don't know if he was one of my cousins, or what he was doing here.

“Who are you...?” I asked, his handshake was firm, and his hands were freezing cold. Icy. As a natural reflex I would have immediately drawn my hand away, but his firm grip surpassed my own.

“It’s impolite asking someone’s name before introducing yourself.” He released my hand, and I rubbed it. No one seemed to notice. He took my other; and kissed it softly. “Nice to meet you. And you are?”

I looked down at our hands. “I-I’m not... accustomed to strangers kissing my hand like that. . .” But my cheeks turned a pink color. And then he looked into my eyes, towering over me because he was so tall.

Was he a cousin or not? Because I really shouldn't be feeling this way toward him if he was.

One of my cousins came in between us, laughing as she placed a restraining hand on the man's shoulder. “Sorry about that, Eris. I’m Abigail by the way, And that’s Christian...A friend of ours.” She was also pale in the face. Mom and Dad watched with wonder at the strangely friendly man. I could tell he was bad news. It seemed like he knew of my coming or something, like he was just, waiting.

[ I’m Hungry, Too ]

We spent hours catching up with our seven cousins. I tried not to make eye contact with that Christian guy though. Instinct.

They're mansion was enormous on the inside as well the outside, I expected dead corpses around every corner, chains, coffins, spider webs, Flails even... Pictures hanging on the wall with my Ancestor's sharp fangs.

We were all at the large dinner table, set with 12 chairs around. There was me, Iris, Mom and Dad. And the 7 cousins. Including Christian who was just a "friend", as Abigail said. The vampires -I mean cousins- were eating Vegetarian food, I on the other hand was just poking at my food. Lettuce never really did it for me.

“Eris, why aren’t you eating...?” Abigail sounded upset across the table, Because maybe she was the one who prepared the Veggies?

“Err, I’m not a Vegetarian...” I choked out, and Iris --who sat beside me- punched me in the shoulder, scooting closer to whisper, “Did you leave your manners at home!? Just eat it!” Her whisper grew higher on the last three words, and she scooted back.

The eldest cousins- which were as old as Mom and Dad stared at me, and what I though I heard were snarls. I sucked in a deep breath and picked up my fork, a bit shamefaced. “S-Sorry...Abigail.” And stabbed a piece of salad, forcing it into my mouth. Still hungry...

I got a bit self-conscious with each cousin looking at me like I was rude or something, Iris just kept shaking her head. Mom and Dad cleaned out they're plates so fast, they wanted seconds. Maybe they were watching they're weight...? Or no, maybe Vampires don't only hunger for blood, but they can keep down -but not get full- vegetarian food?

I heard a quite chuckle coming from Christian. What, is he some mind reader too?

I was getting a bit tired, the trip here was long, and I wanted a nice comfy bed to sleep on... or coffin...whatever.

I was in the long and narrow hallway with many rooms. But I didn't know which was my own. “Where’s my room?” Abigail was talking to Christian on the other side of the hall, Lana -who was close enough to hear me- escorted me into my room. She was another one of my many cousins.

“Here,” She smiled at me, gesturing with her pale hand to a door. I stepped in and closed the door behind me seeing Lana walking toward Christian and Abigail. The bed was huge, white, the carpet was long and black, curtains hanged from the window, I could see the moon from outside. I went to it and opened up the window, the moon glistened into my curious, curious eyes. I looked a long way up, the clouds were gray and snow started to lightly fall down.

And then I heard a knock to my door that night.

“Coming,” I expected it to be Abigail or something. When I turned over the door knob, the first thing I noticed was the man's eyes, at my neck. It wasn't who I thought it would be. But someone I've never even seen here... What, was the mansion also some sort of Hotel!?

“Um... Who are you?” I asked without making direct eye contact, his eyes seemed to have been an inviting lure. And I stuck my head out looking for Abigail or SOMEONE I knew. But everyone's rooms were closed.

“Abigail sent me to make sure you weren’t still hungry?” Of course... she knew the Vegetarian food she prepared wouldn't fill me up.

“N-no. I’m good. And can you answer my question?” My stomach grumbled when it grew silent, It was embarrassing. The man's eyes met mine finally, and his gaze was equivocal. -it held more than one or two meanings- I couldn't describe why he would look at me that way.

He laughed and there was a cold chill threw my spine. “Doesn’t seem like it. And It’s Caden.”

“Well, Caden. I’m-” But he cut me off while passing his hand threw my face, “Eris. I know.” I didn't even want to ask how he knew.

“So? Shall we?” His eyes trailed off down stairs, leading to the Kitchen. “I said, It’s alright! It’ll stop grumbling after a while...Promise.” But I lied, and it grumbled again.

Caden smirked. “Your stubborn. You know that?” I crossed my arms when he said that, looking the part. Waiting until he left my door step. I doubt Abigail sent him here just to make sure I wasn’t still hungry...

And then he smiled all of a sudden, as if I've told him something but I kept silent. “I’m hungry, too,” He told me, leaning his head against my shoulder and his cool breath caressing across my neck. “But don’t worry,” He put his hands on my shoulders, feeling as if someone just put a thousand weights on them.

I grew stiff and my eyes widened with glazed fear, and he still held my shoulders down.

He moved closer to my ear and whispered, “I have a little self control.”

[ Pain in the Neck ]

Everything before I went to sleep that night was a big blur. I woke up in the dark room of the Mansion, the curtains draped over making shadows into the room. A Dark Morning seemed like the usual casualty in this big Mansion. I got up from bed slowly, holding my neck for some reason it pained. I winced as I walked to the curtain and moved it out of the way so I can at least let in some little light, but it was snowing again. The clouds were blocking the sun.

I walked along the hallway with my hand still holding onto my neck. Which room was Abigail's again? Maybe I woke up late and they were all downstairs having Breakfast?

I walked down to find out.

Everyone was there. Including Iris, Mom and Dad. But no sign of Christian.

I took the occupied hand off my neck and rubbed my soar eyes, feeling as if I had no sleep at all last night. “Good morning, everyone...” I announced and the eldest Cousin smiled at me, strange. Before I thought she was snarling at me when I wouldn't eat Abigail's food. “Can you do me a favor, Eris?” She asked politely. No snarl this time. Or from the eldest Male cousin.

I blinked and found the side of my neck ache again, an unexplainable pain I've never felt before in my neck. I winced again and nodded, “S-Sure...what is it?”

Iris looked at me in concern for once, she saw the rubbing I've dealt to my neck the moment I got downstairs.

“Wake up Christian for me. He’s probably sleeping in again...” She asked me, everyone had Veggies on their plates today. As usual. But I didn't feel so hungry this morning.

“Sure.” I left the Kitchen and walked up the stairs, really not knowing which room he was in. So I started tapping lightly on each door, but no one had answered. Then there was the room at the way end of the hall, it seemed vacant. “Christian?” I tapped on the door once or twice before the door opened by itself.

I walked in slowly and found myself on the floor. Unconscious and still my hand covered the side of my neck subconsciously. I woke up to the sound of a voice. And I was leaning against a chair, the person shook me to awaken, “Eris? Are you okay?” My mind spun for a while and the man's shaking wasn't helping, but I slowly regained my vision and it was Christian I saw.

“There you are. . .” I moaned in pain, Christian helped me up and he lead me out of his room. “What happened to me...?” I asked, and Christian looked down. “I don’t know...when you entered my room you just...toppled over.”

He shook his head for a second and his gaze was following the pain source just under my hand. “Something wrong with your neck?” He guessed right. Looking off someplace else.

“I’m sorry about your neck. . .” He only said. I could hear both anger and sadness in his voice.

My hand finally rested to my side, and I drew in a deep breath. “I-It’s not like it’s your fault...” But I myself didn't really know why I had this pain in the first place... I couldn't even remember going to sleep last night. Maybe I had passed out and then, slept on the wrong side of the bed?

“Maybe not. But you were...” He paused and seemed to be thinking about the precise word to use, Hurt. Because of me...”

He tightened his fists and looked at me again.

I waved my hand across his dead serious expression, “Jeez...YOUR such a Pain in the Neck. Don’t worry about me so much.” I looked up at him and smiled gladly.

All he did was laugh at the pun.

[ Memory Swipe ]

Everyone in the Mansion became aware of my neck the past week.

Not because of my rubbing it, but because it was indeed a bite mark.

I still couldn’t believe it, but for some reason I believed Christian when he told me. But he looks at me differently now, with a look of shame and disgrace or something. I can’t understand. I don’t think I wanted to. A part of me was excited, because well, since I’ve come here all I could think about was if my cousins were really Vampires.

I’ve always been a naturally curious person, but sometimes that would come to my downfall. When I first found out, it was freaking-out mode. But I passed that stage. Because I couldn’t remember how or who bit me. Just that I was bit.

Because of this fact, I’ve talked to Christian more and more out of everyone in the Mansion. I just felt uncomfortable confronting my cousins after they found out. Christian understood why. I was still trying to figure out a way to tell my Parents, though…

One night though, I was in Christian’s room again. It was dark, and we were sitting on his bed and talking. And then he told me. What everyone in this Mansion were. He expected a shocked expression from me, but I already figured they were.

In a weird sick way, all of this Vampire stuff excited me beyond what he could understand.

We were outside sitting on the cold benches next to the black mansion. We would just stare at the light snow falling, and listen to nature. The one bird always tweeting and what must have been bitter cold for it. But I still couldn’t help myself glancing at him.

He looked absolutely perfect in the white now. The white pristine snow.

“Christian?” My voice broke the calm silence, and he looked over at me with those caring eyes of his. “Yeah?”

“Why can’t I remember?” At the sound of my hopeless voice, he touched my hand and layed his there.

“I’m sorry, Eris… I…swear I’ll protect you while you’re here. Since you’re cousins know you’ve been bit now, they’ll most likely be pointing fingers at themselves then actually trying to help you.”

I smiled entirely at him saying he’ll protect me.

And the other reason was at our hands touching. To me, Winter had turned to Summer. And the sun was out, that’s how it felt with Christian right now.

[ Brother ]

It got chilly really fast; it was Winter so it was to be expected. But neither of us went back inside the Mansion, instead just sat closer to each other on our bench. And it was Summer for me again for some time.

I thought a lot about how I met Christian, at the airport. He creeped me out at first, and especially when he kissed my hand like that. But now that I look back on it, it just made me laugh.

“Haha.” I laughed and snuggled closer to lay my head against his shoulder.

He laughed. “What?” His smile made the sun appear again, I swear. I shook my head and smiled. “It’s nothing. Just thinking about when we first met.” He still held my hand, and when the wind would become harsh he would squeeze my hand to keep it warm to the touch.

“Oh. I hope it is a fond memory.” He smiled, thinking of the memory too I would think.

“Of course it is. That’s why I laughed.”
But, I knew that this happiness wouldn’t remain for long. I was Human. And he was not. He would live for an eternity. I would get old and die. And I couldn’t forget; I would only stay here until Winter Vacation was over. I would be leaving him, and soon. I really didn’t want to.

“Eris?” He knew that look, it was the look of unsureness. But I knew whenever I would be with him, a sense of thankfulness and relief washed over me. He told me everything there is to know about Vampires here.

I remember him saying this; “Some of us can control their thirst, some would feed on animals. I can control myself, don’t worry. And that myth about us not being able to walk in sunlight, well, there are rings that enable us too. But since it’s Winter and the sun is rarely out, we have no need to.”

But what about Vampires that COULDN’T control themselves? That couldn’t curb their hunger, their blood lust, that were Monsters that needed to be stopped?

Who was the person who bit my neck? The question welcomed itself into my head again.

Christian once told me about his family, that he had only one sibling. He rarely talked of him, and when he did he always wore a troubled and tortured look. A brother. After their parents died, everything between him and his brother changed. For the worse.

I was thinking too much of his words, and didn’t notice Christian looking at me with the same troubled look he’d given me the night he told me of his past.

And suddenly my neck stung again. My hand immediately covered it, and I winced. I’d thought the pain would pass, but I guess I was wrong. All of a sudden, Christian got up in front of me, covering me like a human shield.

He whispered quietly as the breath from his mouth escaped, “. . .Caden?” His voice doubled the pain to my neck and heart.
Caden…? His brother? Someone stood before him. Before us.

The memory had always been blocked from my mind, his face, his eyes, his words, the night I couldn’t remember, the night his fangs sank into the flesh of my neck.

[ Their Past ]

At that time, we had only each other to talk to. To play with, we were so young when the Vampire Hunters decided to invade our hometown and stake our parents, somehow, someway, me and Caden made it out alive. But everyone was dead. We left them behind just like that. I was too terror stricken to even move, the Vampire Hunters had killed our parents in front of our very eyes, Caden had been the one to save me.

And we ran and ran, anywhere.

Our Mother and Father praised him the most. But loved both of us nonetheless. But, one thing I think our parents did not know was that he was also a Monster.

When our parents weren’t around, Caden would go on a human hunt and suck every each of them dry. Towns were deprived of life because of him, everywhere I went with him smelled like despair. I almost couldn’t believe he was my very own flesh and blood.

I wanted to be like him before. But then I didn’t want to turn into what he was. A Monster. He had no soul, nor heart. But I was good. I tried –begged him to better his ways. But he never even tried. He just wouldn’t stop. He mercilessly killed. Even the women and children, to teach me our nature I would believe. I would never hurt the innocent, and he just wouldn’t get that.

And one night, everything changed for the worst. That night had cost me a brother.

We were in the woods, our footsteps shuffled through the dried leaves of Autumn, and the stench of blood lust wouldn’t leave me be, Caden carried it around every where me and him went.

He hid behind a tree, and I behind him. The night was always to his advantage. He watched a women and her husband –I would think- kissing each other near a bench in the park. I knew what he was going to do. I couldn’t just stay idle and watch any longer.


He turned to face me and put his finger to his mouth, “Shh! The lovebirds might spot us.” He chuckled, facing back to watch them. He took a step closer, and paused, and then took it back. Hesitation? He doesn’t have it.

Caden didn’t act on what I thought he would do, instead, he turned to me and looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Christian, it is our nature. We can’t change that. We’re Vampires. Blood suckers! We feed on human blood, we can’t change that.”
He was wrong. A Vampire doesn’t have to thrive on human blood. But it was pointless to tell him that over and over again. He simply would not listen.

“… You’re wrong, Brother. You’ve been wrong all this time.” I bit out, or maybe that was the wrong term to use.

Hunger dilated his eyes and his senses, I could see it. I knew he could never tell right from wrong. He was enraged and impossible to stop. Like a Pit-bull without a leach, or chain actually.

“I think we both know who the wrong one is here, Brother,” Those were the cursed words I’ve heard him say, before I crumbled to the ground. Before I was assaulted in the gut, and kicked onto my back on the ground. This would be the first time my own brother ever used violence against me. And I couldn’t believe it. It was bound to happen, I knew that all too well.

He ran, and all I could think about was the innocent lives he would be taking now. I heard him break a neck, and a shrill female scream rip threw my ears and being.

My whole world had turned bloody red when I heard that scream, and it kept resounding in my ears.

When Caden came back to me, he was wiping his mouth off from blood. It made me utterly sick to my stomach. “Are you satisfied with yourself?” I groused out.

The grim truth had been in front of my eyes the entire time, I was just as bad as him when I wouldn’t do anything to help his victims.

He gave me a malevolent smile and answered, “Very.” He sat cross legged next to a tree and watched me. I looked over at him, it looked as if all life and happiness had been sucked dry.

I closed my eyes and sighed in exhaustion. “…You are no longer the brother I once loved.” I told him bluntly, but in truth.

He shrugged, “Sorry, brother. But, we are through.” he stood up then, and walked away. Out of my life.

To this day, we haven’t seen each other since.

[ Our Little Secret ]

I didn’t know what I could do. But just watch and listen. My neck wouldn’t cease to pain, and I couldn’t do much about it but only sit on the bench and hold my neck down.

The new aura sent shivers down my spine, and it got colder. I’m having a bad vibe about all of this. They’re only staring at each other right now. And it’s really started to freak me out.

Christian hadn’t told me enough about his brother, he had kept me in the dark about him. I don’t know why. And telling him what Caden did to me that night seemed like the worst subject to bring out right now.

Finally, his brother broke the heavy silence. “It’s been YEARS since I’ve seen you and you can’t even be happy? Why so serious?” He chuckled, quoting the Joker.

“I’ll be happy once you leave,” Christian snapped in a cold voice. I’ve never heard him sound so cold and mean. I’ve never seen him mad before. He turned to me, and with furrowed eyebrows he told me, “Eris. Please get inside the Mansion,”

I wanted to refuse, I wanted my mouth to open to utter a No, but he looked so serious. Like, right when I were to go back inside, he would get into a bloody fight with his brother.

All I really wanted to do was to get up and hug him and tell him it’ll all be okay. I wanted to encourage him to tell me more of his past. About his brother. I wanted to offer silent support. Anything that would get rid of the way he spoke to his brother right now.

“Eris, I don’t want you to get involved.” He kept the strained face, and I tried looking away. I felt Caden’s stare heavy on my face when Christian wasn’t watching him, it was like his stare alone could pin me to the ground. He said something, and made both our heads whip to him.

“Um, Hello! I don’t like being ignored brother... Anyway, I’ve come back to you for a reason you know,” He stepped closer, way closer, close enough to face Christian one on one.

I hated Caden for biting me. I hated him more now because Christian did. I hated the uncaring tone of voice he used, when something was obviously wrong here.

“Why?” Was all Christian had to say.

“Because I’ve changed.” He said, and somehow managed a normal, human looking smile. It was the same smile from that night.

“Caden, the day you change is when pigs fly,” Christian said without any humor in his face.

At Christian’s crack, Caden laughed sinisterly. “Well, then! I see a pig flying right now!” He looked up at the gray sky and pointed.

I could feel Christian was doing everything in his power to keep his fists from punching his brother in the face, I was sure I was the only reason he was holding back.

Christian's voice rose louder and more irritated, “Cut the act! You think I’ve been stupid all these years? You’ve made it perfectly clear that you won’t ever change.”

Caden tried not to add in another joke there. “On the contrary, I been trying your diet brother, no human blood, it was tough I’d say, but I haven’t tasted it in Months. Honest.” He crossed his black heart.

My jaw dropped, and my eyes widened. You little liar!

Christian looked out of sorts, he looked deep in thought. He looked as if he believed for a second…
I didn’t want him to. Because he was lying. And then again, I just wanted them to get along. For Christian to have a brother who made him happy. And even if it meant keeping one secret from him.

“I have no more chances left to give you, you’ve betrayed my trust long enough…” Christian looked over his shoulder, at me. And I shook my head and mouthed an objection. He was going to give him another chance. I knew it.

He looked back at his brother, and his words were like poison to me, “One chance. You mess it up and-” He couldn’t finish his sentence because Caden awkwardly pulled him into a hug, and patted his back.

“Good choice. I won’t let you down, brother.”

Caden looked directly at me with those dark eyes of his, and smiled because he thinks he’d won.

I scowled at him. For lying, for everything.

He said nothing, but somehow said it all. That night would stay Our Little Secret.

[ Jealousy with a Cold ]

I think there’s something seriously wrong with Christian these past few days.

He must be crazy.

He smiles more now. And I have nothing to do with it, it’s all Caden. He spends less time in the Mansion and with me, and rather is “taking walks” and or, “catching up” with Caden.

Somewhere outside of the Mansion…

But as long as he’s happy. I’m happy too.

I still feel like something’s wrong.

This Mansion has turned into a hotel. Somehow Christian convinced my cousins to let Caden stay for a few nights. Of course the Mansion is big enough and everything, but it’s just ridiculous. And very awkward for the person who had bit me to be staying under the same roof as I. Nobody knowing but me and Caden.

Everyone in the mansion seemed to be just jolly with the idea of another Vampire “staying” with them. I think he just has no where else to go, he’s a freeloader!

I talk to Abigail more now while Christian’s away, and Lana. Dorothy, Reiko, Wes, Isaac, and Tio.

They’re all pretty nice people… or Vampire.

The best seven cousins I could ask for, honestly. They still raised suspicious eyebrows at the bite mark to my neck though, and funny to think the perpetrator was in their own home.

We had Dinner together today, Christian and Caden still weren’t back. But I tried not to think about them, and just spend some much needed quality time with my cousins, My Sister, and Mom and Dad.

Iris said she was having a good time while being here, Mom and Dad, too. Wonderful. I don’t think they had any idea what our cousins really are. Iris just isn’t a believer, so she’ll be stubborn to believe anything paranormal.

When night fell, they still weren’t back. I just found myself staring at the door, picturing them smiling like always and back home. After I helped clean the dishes I waited outside on the bench for their return.

I must have been on crack, because it was freezing. Iris thought I was insane for coming outside to wait on them, but I managed to somehow make her leave me be. She can be quite difficult to deal with sometimes - all older sisters are.

The snow on the ground sparkled like it did every night, and my beautiful Christian wasn’t here to share the beauty of it with me. And he was my heater too.

I sighed and put my knees up to my chest and bundled into my coat. I sniffed, getting a cold I presumed. “This is nuts! Who knows when they’ll be back? They’re vampires so I’m sure they don’t mind the cold.” I sneezed and covered my nose with both hands, standing up and walking back into the Mansion without a backward glance outside.

This isn’t the first time they passed their curfew, they didn’t really have one, but I liked to have them back before midnight at least.

I was pretty tired, the only reason I stayed up late was because of those two.

I traveled upstairs and found my room in the hallway, and opened it, only standing there. Outside of my room.
In the same spot where Caden had stood when I first met him. And where he first bit me.

I swear, when I see him in the morning I will sneeze on him and give him this cold. That’ll teach him a lesson!

[ An Excuse ]

I dreamed a terrible dream. It was like no other. It was wicked, and included a certain Vampire in the Mansion. I saw myself walking down the stairs in my dream, I held onto the railing during each step, because for some reason I felt faint. I was walking slow, and there I saw seven pale bodies on the floor. And a Vampire standing over them.

I didn’t want to think about the nightmare anymore, I got up out of bed with thoughts that really shouldn’t be in my head and the first thing to cross my mind was if Christian made it home.

But for some odd reason, I didn’t go to his room first. But the one next door to it. Caden’s. I couldn’t stop my body from walking to his room, it was as if I wasn’t in my own body. I couldn’t control these legs that were obviously not mine from walking any further.

My nose was all stuffed up, and I felt the urging to sneeze any second now. But I wanted to wait until I saw Caden. So I could sneeze on him. The thought alone made me happy.

I turned his door knob and peered in and around his dark room- it matched his personality. I didn’t step too close, but just stayed outside his door, he layed on his bed peacefully and his head against his pillow, with crossed arms over his chest.

I didn’t think he was really asleep, and I wanted to pull all the pranks in the world on him right now if he was really unconscious.

My cold ruined everything though. I sneezed, really loud, and Caden still kept his eyes closed, but his lips moved and he mumbled, “What do you want?”

What I wanted was to sneeze on you idiot. But I’m sure the germs will travel to him… and they better find a new host for this cold.

“What, no ‘Bless You’?” I replied, feeling spunky for some reason.

He just layed there and moved his head to the window. It was dark outside, again.

“Where were you two?” I asked, it’s what I wanted to know… that’s why I was here right?

“Hunting for humans, we found a really populated place and just went from there,” He grinned, and faced his head back so he could look at me. “Sorry we weren’t in bed by curfew Mommy, do we get no TV for a whole month?” He gasped sarcastically.

His bad sarcasm was really starting to bug me. “You are so NOT funny-!” I yelled, -not too loud- but not too quite, I didn’t want to wake everyone in the Mansion.

I was just about ready to slam the door and leave, but I turned back around angrily and pointed at him with a lethal look on my face, “I’m watching you! I’ll be watching you like a hawk; I’ll be the owl outside of your window, on a tree branch. Hooting. So don’t try anything shady!” If Christian couldn’t say it, I would.

He just smirked and laughed quietly to himself, putting his hands under his head. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear you’re only here so you can make an excuse to see me. I’m flattered, really.”

There was no stopping my rapid words, “WHEN PIGS FLY!” I quoted Christian, and slammed the door as hard as I could and made my leave loud and fuming, really, what was I thinking?

I wasn’t thinking. That was the problem.

It must be because of the cold or something, it had to be…

[ True Feelings ]

I woke up in the morning glowing, well, not literally. I’m a Vampire, Vampires don’t glow. Except for Edward Cullen.

I wanted to see Eris; I haven’t seen in her in some time. I wanted to see her smile glow, too.

I stepped out of my bedroom with a smile on my face, and didn’t need to walk to her room because I saw her heading to her room, I called out to her before she went in, but she didn’t even look back at me, could I have done something wrong?

“Eris? …Good morning…” I trailed off, putting my hand on her shoulder, she shrugged off my gentle touch and finally un-hung her head, turning to me.

“I’m tired… I’m going back to sleep,” Was all she said as she turned back around and walked into her room.

I stared at the door that closed in my face.

I felt responsible in a way, she didn’t smile when she was me.

She didn’t even meet me in the eyes, she refused eye contact with me. I wasn’t trying to neglect her, or exclude her. She doesn’t know how much I really need her around.

Around me.

She mattered, just the same as Caden did. Maybe more…

I’ll make sure I spend the whole day with her today to make up for each missed second.

[ Seven Snowman and a Tree ]

I felt down the entire morning after seeing Christian; I didn’t feel deserving of his feelings anymore. I didn’t sleep after I told him I would, I couldn’t. Another lie.

Something at the back of my head kept pulling me back and tugging and blinding my senses to see what was really in front of me.

Someone who actually cared for me.

I stayed a bit more in the quietness of my mind, until I heard a knock at my door. It was Christian. He smiled and I felt bad I didn’t before return mine. “So you’re awake I see? Good. Today it’ll just be me and you. I won’t let anybody interfere with the time we’ll be spending with each other.” His words were what my heart was aching for, hearing those words were like an opening in my heart. Happiness and a feeling of right.

I blushed and smiled small. “…Promise?” I wanted to make sure. In an instant he nodded and pulled me into his arms. “Promise.” He said, “It’s not so cold out today. What do you wish to do?”

I didn’t really care, as long as we were together. “Well… there’s snow outside so… how ‘bout a snowball fight?” I offered and could yet feel the warmth in my cheeks, I felt my bad mood fade away as we made our way outside together, hands in lock.

It had been a while since I threw a snowball, or made a good one that actually flew and hit my target successfully. Out footprints in the snow were recent and fresh, we walked further though, Christian held my hand and lead me somewhere. He said to keep my eyes closed for some reason. I just wanted to have a snowball fight… I didn’t know what he had in store for me.

We seemed to have walked a long way, until he stopped and I stopped. “Open them, Eris.” I could hear the gentleness in his voice, and my eyes took in the scenery slowly. Their were seven perfectly done snowman standing in a circle, and in that circle stood one single tree in all the clearing. I stayed focused on the tree, and when I got a closer look the tree it had Christian’s name engraved in the middle, and the ‘&’ symbol just at the bottom.

“Eris, the tree is missing you’re name.” He smiled. With the smile I fell in love with.

I looked around again at the snowman, they sparkled and were perfect. All of them had scarves and carrots for the noses, buttons for the eyes and sticks for the arms. A twig made the mouth on the snowman, it smiled. They were a perfect portrayal of what I couldn’t make.

But there was something missing. I bent down and cupped some snow in my hand, rotating it in my hands and trying to make it firm enough. I eased my elbow and threw it, it flew just over Christian’s head. He laughed as if amused at me trying.

We started our snowball fight then, and forgot about the rest of the world. I wanted to remain here in this clearing with the seven perfect snowman and the tree that carved, “Christian & Eris.”


[ Someone from the Past ]

I’ve made the whole day perfect today just like I’d promised her. I’m glad I was able to see her smile so many times in one day, I didn’t think such a feeling existed in me. I wanted it to remain not for eternity with her, because I respected the life she already lived. And I didn’t want to take that away from her. So for now, its fine with me.

It didn’t take long for me to recognize these feelings, but I knew they were dangerous as well.

Just mere weeks. That’s all it took for me to fall for her. A Vampire fallen for a Human.

But I was afraid at the same time though; she wouldn’t remain here with her cousins forever, would she? This was just a trip. She would be going back home to America to continue her normal life.

With a small squeeze to my hand, Eris pulled me out of my reverie. “…I-I never imagined this would happen while I’m here… meeting you, and everything that came with meeting you… I-I feel as though this was fate, me coming here…it really has turned into the best trip ever.” She told me with a shy smile; it was interesting seeing this shy side of her.

I reached my hand for her face and brushed my hand down her warm cheek, “I feel the same way. I’ve been waiting for you my whole life. As they say; ‘you’re the fish in my timeless sea’.”

She laughed blissfully and looked down for a moment, and picked up her hand to lay it on mine, looking into my eyes always. She closed her eyes for a moment, as if wanting to capture this moment forever in her mind.

But so suddenly, I heard footsteps in the distance, closing in on us. I could hear the persons footsteps digging through the snow as they walked.
We didn’t move from our secret spot, but somehow I’d gotten the feeling it wasn’t much of a secret anymore.

It was dark, and the figure loomed closer. We had spent the whole day together here with the seven snowman and our tree.

“Somehow I knew you’d be here. We’ve got a visitor back at the mansion, Christian. She says she’d missed you and has been looking for you for quite a while now.” It was Caden’s voice, he looked at Eris for a moment, then at me.

The chilly night air finally hit me like a bullet, my eyes widened and I was for sure everyone but me and Caden were the only ones who escaped the Vampire Hunters that night, but I guess I was wrong.

Eris pulled her eyes brows together in confusion, and looked up at me.

[ "Just a Friend" ]

I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen now.

I’ve grown tired of Caden looking at me with a meaningful stare- that had to mean something.

Who was this she anyway? And why hasn’t Christian ever spoken of her?
What did she want with him?

We made our way back to the Mansion, even though I wanted to remain longer with our seven snowmen and tree. No guy has ever done such a nice thing for me… but Christian still has secrets I don’t know about. And this girl was one of them.

“Who is she…?” I dared to ask, but why not? I had a right to know. Caden stepped into the Mansion first, and me and Christian remained on the front porch. He looked directly into my eyes.

He took my hands in his and said to me, “She’s just an old friend me and my brother once knew… we’ve had thought we were the only ones who escaped but-”

“Oh.” I interrupted, looking through the door that was open. “Let’s go…”

A girl sat on the couch. She had long blonde hair and baby blue eyes. My cousins looked at her expectantly, listening to her talk. “…So that’s what happened. And that’s why I’m here! So is Christian here or not?” Her baby blue eyes were eager.

Caden walked into the room shortly after and everyone looked his way. Christian and I right behind. Walking slowly on purpose.

“I must have missed the part where you explained how you were STILL alive? Do tell.” He sounded almost annoyed to me.

The baby blue eyed girl scoffed. “I escaped, barely. I had no idea you and your brother did too… I was lucky to have-”

She suddenly stopped, and gasped. Everyone now looked at Christian and me who appeared next to Caden.

“CHRISTIAN!” She jumped off the couch and hugged him around the neck; she seemed to have whispered something in his ear as well.

I just watched them, a bit shocked…

Christian looked at me and pulled the girl away from him awkwardly, she looked at him as if he was breaking her heart.

“R-Remi. . .” Christian hesitated, looking toward me. Remi followed his stare, and she processed with a look on her face.

“Oh… I see.” She pulled her lips up into a sad smile, and walked back to the couch.

She was beautiful, honestly. I envied her unique looks. And me who just looked so normal standing next to Christian.

I sucked in the first sign of jealousy and decided on the right approach. If this was an old friend who Christian had thought were dead… then I didn’t want to intervene.

“Go.” I whispered, sending him an encouraging yet weak push.

Christian looked surprised. “E-Eris…” He turned around and whispered something too fast that I could barely make out, and he was gone. Not by my side anymore. But hers.

“She’s just a friend, Eris.” He had told me. But I don’t think she understood that.

[ Plan to Destroy Remi: FAILED ]

This whole thing amused me.

I almost felt bad for Eris. But then I wanted to slap some sense into the girl. Can she not see what’s happening right in front of her?
Remi is back and trying to make Christian all his. All over again. She really annoys the shit out of me.

Once I get the chance to be alone with Eris, I’ll ask her if she’d like Remi dead. I know she doesn’t like her, so I’m sure we can both become happy out of this.

I feel a lot of tension around this room now. Eris just stands there. Her head hanging down and looking all depressed. Her cousins left Christian and Remi some privacy.

This was my chance.

When Christian and Remi weren’t looking and too busy gazing into each other’s eyes, I grabbed Eris’ elbow and ran with her toward a corner close by the front door of the Mansion. I didn’t think anybody would catch us there.
Everyone either were upstairs preparing for bed, or something…

“What’s your problem-!? You can’t just-” I shut her up with my hand on her mouth.

“Shh! You don’t want Christian to find us out do you?”

I saw her eyes widen in detest. “Maybe I do! It’s better than feeling like every time you’re around us you’ll tell him!”

I’ve always liked her spunk. But I wasn’t going to mess up all my progress just like that, no, I’ve only just begun.

Though a part of me wanted to change… maybe it was truly my brother’s influence?


“I’m trying not to have my brother kill me. Why would I tell him? And plus, can’t you leave the past the past? I know Christian’s forgotten our past. That’s why he’s letting my stay here. He trusts-”

There was a loud slap that sounded followed by Eris’ loud voice, “TRUST!? He doesn’t trust you! I don’t even trust you! You can’t fool me! Even though I might not know everything there is to know about you and Christian’s past… I know the kind of Vampire you are.”

The spunk again…

I sighed and touched my sore cheek. “…Maybe you’re not as stupid as I thought…” I managed a chuckle, and would have to come up with a REALLY good explanation as to why Eris just slapped me and yelled things about trust.

Because Christian and Remi found us momentarily in the corner, it wasn’t hard to find the location of Eris’ LOUD voice and the sound of her slap.

Well, my plan to destroy Remi just backfired…

[ The Truth ]

I couldn’t begin to tell you how GOOD it felt to slap that bastard.

Actually I could, but the list is too long.

I really should thank him though, getting us alone so I could do it.

He looked as though he had something else in mind to say the entire time, but whatever. I didn’t care. Everything that comes from his mouth is bound to be a lie anyways.

Now he’s stuck, and I’m not helping.

…Or I could tell Christian the truth. Nothing but the truth.

But I didn’t like the look on Christian’s face. And I didn’t like how close Remi stood next to him.

I sneaked a glance toward Caden, and sent a mental high five to myself for slapping him. Remi stared at his cheek, I could tell by the look on her face she wanted to laugh.

Since they heard me yelling everything about trust and whatnot… why not be honest right now?

“Christian, I don’t like your brother. Not even as a friend. I don’t trust him, obviously. I slapped him because…I just felt like it. I don’t believe he will change, and I don’t want to crush your hopes… but don’t trust him. Just don’t…”

Wow, that was harder than I thought. I couldn’t even meet anyone in the eye when I said all that. But the truth hurt… I knew that much.
Remi looked at Christian for a moment, and Caden followed her gaze. All wondering what he would say.

He looked too confused. “Really, Eris? I never knew… but… why are you telling me not to trust my own brother?”

Everyone, including me seemed surprised by his response.

But I was shooting for honesty here. “…Because he…he-” I hesitated, Christian read between the lines, I saw his face concentrate… to my neck. That wasn’t all, he cast glances between me and Caden, I think he finally understood now that I’ve told him how I truly felt about his brother all along.

“Oh, you know she’s just joking around brother! That’s our Eris, right?” Caden said, draping his arm over my shoulder. I shrugged it off and scowled furiously at him. There was no ‘our’. Ever.

Remi looked as if she wanted popcorn and a soda to watch the show.

“Caden. . .” Christian began, slowly. I felt my heart beat faster and faster, what will he do?

“Yeah, brother?” He asked casually.

“Get out.”

[ Strength Vs. Heart ]

A part of me always knew my brother couldn’t be trusted, I knew. But the other part told me to take another chance on him. The many chances I’ve already given him…

I never should have doubted myself, but I did. And it’s caused him to stay under the same roof as Eris and I.

I kept her unsafe… from the Monster that he still is.

That he can’t change from.

And for that I’ll never forgive myself.

He sank his fangs into my Eris. And that was it took for my built up anger for him after all these years to unravel. I know what was worth fighting for now. There was a new pathway of thoughts for me. I wasn’t to be deceived again so easily.

Without much thought and only my anger leading me, I grabbed my brother by the throat and pushed him into the wall closest to him. “Eris is NOT one of your victims!”

I could hear both the girls gasp at the choice of my actions. But somehow behind me I could sense Eris was alright with what I was doing. Not that I cared. I wouldn’t care if I crushed the wall behind Caden’s head, I wouldn’t care if I crushed his head.

“Oh, but she is. Was. When she first came here. Yeah, ever since. And I’d bitten her, so you know what that means… right?”

Apparently I wasn’t chocking him hard enough; he still spoke each word with ease.

I slammed his head into the wall. But he didn’t seem one bit affected, he still somehow managed a grin, though.
“Never! Eris is with ME! Not you!” I raged, but the more and more I did it made me feel Caden wanted it that way. He was the only one who fed my anger.

His eyes suddenly changed, it was the same eyes as the monster I’d watched him become years ago. Whenever he were about to have some 'fun'. And I’d stand behind a tree and watch the attack before my very eyes. Unable to do anything.

He ignored what I said, and decided to bring up my kind nature again. “You can’t hurt me. You don’t have it in you. Never did, never will. You’re too soft!” And I knew he hated having me as a brother because of that fact, he’d always told me when we would get into fights in the past that I was a, quote, “Disgrace as a brother.”

I tried not be let it brother me as much.

The force and speed of his words were almost as fast when he grabbed my arm with his inhuman strength and tossed me into the wall next to Eris and Remi, like it was nothing.

When it came to strength between us, I knew we weren’t on even levels.

While my back made a loud thud against the wall, I slid down the wall, managing to catch myself on my hands. Eris and Remi ran to my side frantically, before I could even realize what had just happened.

I couldn’t protect the ones closest to me, even right now, while he’s still inside the Mansion, Eris’ cousins were in danger too...

I was a coward for letting that thought slip into my mind for even a second. I knew if I left with Caden now, that I’ll be leaving Eris. But she’ll be safe... But I’ll be leaving a very important part of me here. And I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to protect.

But I haven’t been doing a good job so far, have I?

Though I knew one thing, if Eris would stay by my side, I could get stronger. Her love will strengthen my kind, non-violent nature.

[ Happily Ever After? ]

I hated Caden in a higher degree now.

I knew from the start, the more I fell in love with Christian, the more I hated his brother. It was a strange fact. But it built itself with each passing minute.

From the bottom of my heart, I just wanted Caden out of the picture for good. So me and Christian could be happy.

A Happily Ever After. But I knew we were far from that still.

I was knelt down next to Christian for a while, until he decided to get up himself. “…I said to get out!” He was louder and angrier, my heart ached.

Remi stood by Christian’s side, staring Caden down like a bull ready to tackle someone down.

Caden gave an acrimonious smile. “Fine, I’ll leave. But don’t think it changes anything. I’ve grown tired of this place anyway… so full of Vampires… Blame yourselves when I get hungry out there in the scary world outside of this Mansion.” He trailed off, heading for the door.

Finally. Good riddance!

I thought it would be easier to take a breath after he left, but Remi terrified me. Her stance, her face…

She ran after Caden like an animal.

I got up and tried to stop her. “Wait! Where are you going!?” I called out to her, but she was already gone. Too fast to even stop, she zoomed right past me.

Christian thrust an arm to block me from going after them, and looked up at me with truthful eyes. “No, its okay… she’s okay. She’s stronger than you may think.”

After that, it was strange ineffable silence between us. We had no words, but we knew if we spoke them they would just be in a sorrowful tone.

Until the next morning. Remi never came back.

Days passed. And everything was perfect in our little world. But I felt Christian sometimes worry about what’s become of Remi. He once tried looking for her, but with no success at finding her. Even so, I was happy, he was happy with the way things were going.
Our relationship grew more and more, and I believe we grew stronger with it.

We’ve even gotten to the point of saying those three words to each other.

“I love you.”

And my heart would melt when I’d heard him say it every day and every night.

[ Over-stayed welcome ]

That Eris and Christian sure have been inseparable. They’re together 24/7. Not once have I seen them un-separated.

I’m happy for them really, but I’ll hate to see Eris leave him less than a month from now.

But I’m kind of confused… what ever happened to that girl with blonde hair and baby blue eyes?
And what about that guy that Christian begged us to let stay here?

I don’t even know what’s going on in my own Mansion anymore…

But I’m sure I’ll get the whole situation soon enough.

A few of my cousins had been acting quite... strangely these past few days.

Lana, Dorothy and Wes for example, have been acting out.

I wouldn’t blame them. Not with everything that’s been happening so far. Eris and that bite mark; it couldn’t be one of us. We don’t do that to humans. We have self control.

Christian... well, I don’t know for sure about him anymore.

Ever since he was little, he’d been living in this Mansion with us.

He came to us looking like he’d been through hell, and we couldn’t just send him away...

But he’s old enough now. Maybe... he has finally overstayed his welcome?

I don’t wish to believe he would hurt Eris that way... but ever since she’d come, thing have not been normal in this Mansion. I know Eris’ parents are in worry as I’m thinking all of this.

“Abigail, your still up?”

Tio appeared through the door in my dark room. I looked up at her, and shook my head. “Sorry. Just thinking. Good-night, Tio.” When I heard the door quietly shut, I looked outside my window and stared at the full moon out tonight.

[ Vampire Hunters ]

The full moon was out tonight.

I know that dark looking Mansion ahead had vampires living in it- and I use the term ‘living’ loosely. Vampires lived in that Mansion for centuries now.

Those filthy blood-suckers.

“Lucius! When do we actually plan on attacking?” I shouted impatiently at my partner, who hid watch on the same tree as I. The tree had been stripped by winter of its foliage and provided little camouflage. But it wasn’t like the ravenous Vampires would dare to roam about. We were fully equipped for the job.

“Patience, Elanor. We must wait for our other brother.” He looked up at the moon, which cast a mysterious glisten to his face and features.

I scoffed. Waiting? That was boring. “I forget, why did we recruit that guy again?”

“Because he knows the Vampires in there. They won’t see it coming, understand? It’ll make our job easier, Elanor.”

I knew that! “Ooooh. I get it now.” I mumbled, jumping off the branch to greet our new member who finally appeared out of the shadows.

[ A Bad Feeling ]

For the second time, I’m actually a little worried about my little sister. I don’t think after she’d met Christian that she would ever want to leave this place, his side.

I’m jealous; I wanted to get a boyfriend before my younger sister ever did! It’s not fair…
What strange feelings…

Maybe it was because of the full moon?

Some bad omen or something…

Whatever it was, I knew my being jealous was a sign that something must be running amuck somewhere.
Who knew what freaks were out tonight during the full moon?

I really couldn’t wait for this trip to be over, honestly.

[ The Mark ]

Christian held me closer than ever tonight. We stayed in my little room the whole night –or planned to-.
We watched the moon, and Christian talked a lot about it. He’d said it’s never really bigger than your thumb, anywhere you are.

I basked in his words.

“The moon represents our dreams, our aspirations, but most importantly it represents our endless human potential.”

Coming from a vampire… it sounded weird.

But it was better than the conversations we used to have though. He would always find time to apologize to me for the littlest things… but I guess they really weren’t so little for him.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to stop you from getting bitten. . .”

“I’m sorry I wasted so much time with him… and I could have spent that time with you instead.”

“I’m sorry I never asked how you felt about letting him stay… blah blah blah.”

I’ve already forgiven him for everything. When you’re in love, you learn to do that right?

I wanted Christian to realize that I only loved him, that the bite mark meant nothing. It didn’t represent who’d I belonged to, surely.

[ Master Plan pt 1 ]

Christian urged me to sleep, but I stayed wakeable. I wanted to fall asleep in his arms, but then I just wanted to stay awake in his arms forever.

When he got off the bed, and looked at the window the way he did it made me think the night would be turned upside down.

“What is it, Christian. . .?” My voice was quite, and Christian’s look stayed.

“Eris. . .” He didn’t avert his gaze to the window. And at the sound of his voice, I got off my bed and stood.

“T-try and get some sleep. . . Everything will be okay.”

So something was wrong…? I pondered, and watched and heard the door close before me.

No way could I sleep now. Something was going on, and I wanted to find out what.

I walked toward the window Christian so deeply looked at, and my palm went flat against it. I thought of opening it, but I didn’t want to let the cold air in. And then again, I was scared to for some reason. Maybe someone’s out there...

And then I heard a faint voice speak my name… inside my head?

“Eris dear, open the window.” I jumped at the voice, and knock to my window.

I stared in shock at him.

“Open it. Or I break it.” He sounded so sure I would, and something in my mind tuned into his voice and my brain reacted to do as he said.

I opened it probably more than I should have and yelled at him with all my hate. “Why can’t you just leave me alone!?”

He stared dumbly at me. “Kinda impossible… we’re connected now.” He pointed at my neck.

He took the chance and while I was drifting in his words, and grabbed me by the hand and pulled me outside with him.

He wrapped tight arms just slightly under my neck. “They’re coming.”

“What. . .?” I spoke in a bitter tone, I despised any sort of physical touch with him.

“Vampire hunters dear, all part of my master plan. I told them to wait until I safely rescued the human who had been brainwashed to stay with Vampires.” I knew him to be grinning right about now. “they’ll be on their way any second now.”

Vampire hunters. . . !?

I thought the worst and the worst was nothing I would have imagined. I thought of only Christian and my cousins’ safety.

And suddenly he released me, and I ran around the Mansion to the front where I saw the Vampire hunters and my cousins.

♥ --> Second Installment
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thank you all owo
added teh 3rd chap :33
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