Posted 7/9/09
hey hey! i will attend an anime convention this august.
i can't decide on what will i cosplay. i need alot of time before i could think of something.
will you help me? just suggest any character that i can cosplay. thanks!

here are some descriptions about me, i hope it could help you to think.
- 5 feet tall (kinda small)
- still a teenager (15)
- not so short, not so long hair (shoulder level)
- slim body

thank you so much. please put some pictures too.
any color of hair will do. but i prefer something blond or just black or brown. well, its okay suggest any character, even it has a pink or blue or red hair, or even GRAY!
Posted 7/9/09

Posted 7/9/09
Posted 7/9/09
Wrong section n_n
Posted 7/9/09
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