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Posted 7/10/09 , edited 7/11/09

Welcome to my class :] here you will learn about many types of arts and
make friends.In my class you will learn about digital arts and cultural arts
I hope you will enjoy ur stay here...and remember..HAVE FUN!!!!

- upload 5 pictures a month for tuition in this group's album
-do ur hw
-never steal other students works and claim its ur own, or u will be
suspended from the academy
-listen to the teacher
-have fun [and work ur best]

Today we will focus on digital arts. Digital arts is anything that contains
arts done on the computer. For today's lesson, you will need these
supplies : a computer[obviously],internet acess[duh? XD],and ur brain.
Today's lesson will be on painting an image digitally!!! >.< YAY!!!!
the programs you at least need to have is [only one is fine]
or anything that edits photos...if you don't have any of those then i
strongly recomend you quit this class [nahhhh...just kidding >.<]
you can do internet editing YAY!!!! ok, tell me if you want a place to
edit on the internet, i will give you the url. ITS OK IF U DONT HAVE

i am hoping that you will paint a picture for practice, get use to the feel <learn the tools, eraser,paintbrush,pen,pencil...and fill tool>
if u have any questions make sure to ask me >.<

For HW im thinking that you should paint a picture with the word "night sky" in your head, it can be any style, since ur the artist. make sure this piece is submitted to me by the end of this month or so. do as many paintings ans u like and remember to put ur name on it!!!
ok to get u heated up, here's an ex// by the teacher herself XD
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