[Role play] Shugo Chara
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Posted 7/11/09 , edited 7/11/09
Okay. This is my first RP EVER and I decided to make it a Shugo Chara one.
What you have to do is simple. Give your character a name and age. Give me a discription about her/him. Your character can only have up to 4 shugo charas.Give me their discription also.

You can make a boy/girl fall in love with you or have him/her as a partner. Just write it down in your description.

I will accept up to 5 candidates. It won't be first one arrived first one served. It'll be the best writin ones.

And IF you're accepted, I want you to be able to post every once a week. Your text doesn't need to be VERY long but NOT TOO short either.
I will tell you what you have to do every time you finish a chapter.

(PM me if you have quetions or doubts.)

Thank you. Hope you can have fun!
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20 / F / With my buddies....
Posted 7/11/09
Hope you can read it like this :P
I was having a hard time reading it myself >_^
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Posted 7/11/09
FOUND IT!!! I'll have something ready...just u wait!
Its a really nice idea!
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20 / F / With my buddies....
Posted 7/11/09
Thanks! Hope you'll like it!
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Posted 7/13/09 , edited 7/14/09
Is it possible to do two RP's? (I joined lilolollo's RP too, can it be the same character?)
My character only has three chara's and i'd probably join with Kaori Midori.
I'll just see how long i can hang around. If this becomes an active RP i'll think i'll enjoy it. Tell me what you think, even though you probably want a full time member. I can make the once a week deal!

Name: Hiraku Aimi
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Grade: 6th Star Class
Star sign: Libra
Birth Date: 19th October
Height: 142.5 cm.

Appearance: Shining curly blonde locks that fall down to the waist, clear blue eyes and pale skin. Always dressed well, as Saki likes to maintain a 'sense of fashon'.

Personality: Outgoing and talkative, always smiling and the type of girl that forgives and forgets. Loves art, dance and music. Is always early to everything. If she sees someone upset, she takes her time to make sure they'll be okay. Is the type to lend an umbrella without having any spare.

Likes: Singing, dancing, the beach, swimming, reading mangs, watching anime, music, painting, cloud gazing, animals and her friends, raspberry ice cream, Hoshina Utau, listening to Heartful Song, travelling, white chocolate.

Dislikes: People who are rude, shouting, bullies, long over 20 hours plane trips, being sick, missing out on school, being late, people who honk the horn more than ten times per minute, bragging, people who act like they own the world.

Favourite food: Pancakes with strawberries and cream.

Shugo chara(s): Katina, Saki, Evodokia

Katina is the dancer, she twirls and whirls around whenever she can, and easily makes friends. She has long curly blonde hair and light pink eyes. Her egg is a light pink with a light crisscross pattern going all around the egg. Some area's of the egg are hot pink. The marking in her hair is a disco ball.

Saki is outgoing and courageous, this little chara is the artist, and will try every style she can with art until she gets it right. Saki has long wavy black hair which is almost always in a bun, she has light blue eyes. Her egg is blue and black and looks very much like a painting of an angry river all rolled up into one shape. The marking in her hair is a paint palette.

Evodokia is shy and keeps to her music, but sings along when she thinks others aren't looking at her. Evodokia has ember coloured hair which is short and curly, and grass green eyes. Her egg is a detailed light green and dark, with swirls and circles of colour on it. The marking in her hair is a crotchet.

Transformation and Chara change:

Katina: Disco Weaver
Character transformation: Aimi is transformed into a party-goer, and she looks like a celebrity. But in this form Aimi can dance her way into peoples hearts and souls, making them puppets to her emotions.
Chara change: A little disco ball hangs off the necklace Aimi always wears, Aimi has the ability to dance whatever she pleases.
Was born of her bearer's wish to become the best dancer in the world.

Saki: Landscape Portrait
Character transformation: Aimi is transformed into a artist wearing a cloak much like a poncho and a pair of overalls with paint on them. Aimi can paint her creations into reality.
Chara change: A little paint pallete hangs off the necklace Aimi always wears. Aimi has the ability to paint and design whatever she pleases.
Was born from wanting to make everything a work of art.

Evodokia: DJ Music
Character transformation: Aimi is transformed into a DJ in faded black jeans and a white top appears, her hair in a ponytail and a microphone lead wrapped around her body. A thousand musical notes can be found in her hair. Her body ripples like a dancer with every note of the music. She can control what type of music she hears.
Chara change: A little music crotchet hangs off the necklace Aimi always wears. Aimi has the ability to sing or play an instrument as she pleases.
Evodokia was born because Aimi wanted to make music.

Background: Aimi has travelled the world and her mother has decided its time to settle down. Her mother got offered a job upon the first day of moving here, and automatically enrolled her daughter to Seiko Academy. Aimi has two older sisters, but they've gradutated and decided to settle down in New York. Aimi can also speak fluent english, but her moving around has made it impossible to be in a art, dance or music class, and thats how she got her charas.

Friends and Family: Aimi has moved around too much to have any real friends so Seiko Academy is her big shot at a new life. Aimi's father died a year after Aimi was born. Her sisters are in New York and one of them is happily married with a child. Aimi and her mother are close. Her mother has been offered a scientific research job at a company called "Easter". Aimi looks up to her idol, Utau who quit her job there.

Background on her Shugo Charas: Aimi and her charas have known each other for 13 months now, and have faced 'x eggs' and 'x characters' together. Overseas a couple of friends had chara's too. Aimi and her 'chara bearing friends' would get along together. Aimi's relationship with her charas is strong, but sometimes Aimi finds them annoying and inpractical.
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Posted 7/14/09
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