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This is the place to share ur HAHA videos!! Don't just add the link with no explanation, make sure u give us an idea if what it's about, OK??
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Watch this video!! It's about a musician from Canada who flew to a US gig on United Airlines, only to have his $4000 guitar smashed by baggage handlers! Instead of compensation, he got the runaround by the company, so he used his own money to fix his guitar & made this video. It's only been up for a few days, but he's gotten over 2 000 000 views now (I think!) & an apology from the Airline!! HAHAHAHA!!!

This is his most recent message about what's happened since the video aired:

Supposedly the airline wants to use his video in training baggage handlers on what NOT to do when on the job!!

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This is a very funny link!! It's to a commercial posted at YouTube, about "cat wrangling'! (herding cats instead of cows or sheep) 10, 000 kitties, supposedly......
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OMG!!! It's a commercial of a FARTING SQUIRREL!! (it's friggin' hilarious, too!!)
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This video was all over the news.....he's a guy dancing alone at an outdoor concert, & someone gets him on a camera phone.. It gets kinda interesting..... I think they said the guy lives in my city.
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How to keep ur car clean & bird-proofed....
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Why email was invented.......
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This is the world's brattiest kid!! (I'm not kidding!!)
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Screaming squirrel & other wildlife...
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BWA HAHAHAHA!! Antelope runs into a tree!!
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Stephen Harper (Prime minister of Canada) performs Beatle's song, "With a Little Help From my Friends" with Cellist YoYoMa.... He actually does a good job!!
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