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Dreams and What They Mean
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26 / F / guess where
Posted 7/17/09

Cuddlebuns wrote:

Actually we do know what "triggers" them, we just don't know their exact biological purpose. There are several theories on that, which someone posted earlier, but there is no universal consensus on which ones are wrong or right, which isn't the same as not knowing at all.

There is a reason why there is no universal consensus. Think about it.
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25 / M / Mammago Garage, Y...
Posted 7/18/09 , edited 7/18/09

brogits wrote:

Cuddlebuns wrote:

Actually we do know what "triggers" them, we just don't know their exact biological purpose. There are several theories on that, which someone posted earlier, but there is no universal consensus on which ones are wrong or right, which isn't the same as not knowing at all.

There is a reason why there is no universal consensus. Think about it.

There is no universal consensus that they are wrong, and no consensus that they are right. The reason why is because we don't fully understand where/why/how dreams occur.

I've had it happen both ways, personally. There have been times where my dreams are accurate down to startling detail. Prophetic, coincidence? Who knows? I like to think the former, but then that’d make me a prophet and I don’t FEEL like a prophet so maybe not so much.

Were they about events that you could have no way of predicting, like meeting someone you've never seen or known of in your life, or someone you know wearing a shirt that you've never seen anywhere else before? Or are they about something more predictable like your math teacher wearing a certain outfit that you've seen before while writing some new equation on the chalk board that you may have glanced at while skimming through a math textbook?
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F / Youtube!
Posted 7/20/09

Cyberpirate wrote:

it's funny that you can actually see the future when you dream. I mean, once I dreamed that I went to get a new pair of socks. The moment I woke up, I changed both boxers and shorts. Pretty amazing, huh?

It's not funny, it's scary!!

Hehe. Good take on it though.
Posted 7/23/09
I would like to know the meaning of why I don't dream. If I'm lucky, I'll dream a vague amount of 3-4 times a year. I kid you not.
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28 / M / NY
Posted 7/23/09
Everyone Dream's SMDYB, It's remembering the dream that's the problem.

A little off topic but, Ever have a dream where you thought it was real? Here's a tip! In your dream's you CANNOT turn on a light...Try it next time your dreaming
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28 / F / rock bottom
Posted 7/23/09
sigmund freud>> "the interpretation of dreams" ---> a book about dreams....
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28 / M / Currently in England
Posted 7/24/09
I know that my weirdest dream yet was:

OK first off I'm in the military and I guard the base at the main gate. Also I'm the night shift guard.

So in my dream I'm at the gate with one of our base patrols. We both for some unknown reason have our guns and a sword. Both of us have swords... and we get a call over our radios that someone is rampaging through the housing areas of the base with a chainsaw.Then we get a call that they are heading toward the main gate, aka where I am. So I look back into the base to see if I can see anything. Then a huge fireball rolls out into the street from the housing side. I think 'holy crap', then the 'fireball' gets up and its this guy. he's huge, he falls back onto the ground and roles until he's put himself out. Then he gets up and starts running toward us. I get out my sword, I don't know why I went for my sword and not my gun, and step forward. Then I look to my left and I see the guy next to me backing up. I say " what the hell are you doing?" He replies" fuck this!" and gets in his patrol car and just leaves the base. So this guy gets up to me ,and though I'd like to say that I skillfully fought this guy in my dream, I didn't it was more like desperate dodging to not get killed. Finally I slice his neck wide open with my sword. However this guy doesn't stop. So then I here over my handy dandy radio "cut out his heart!" . This is about when I realize how much harder it will actually be to cut out somethings heart. So I finally stab this guy in the heart and move my blade all around, this finally affected him as he fell to his knees stunned. I pulled out the sword, which had cut a nice size hole in this guy, and reach in and rip his heart out.
Then I woke up.

Sooooooo WTF does that have to do with repressed memories!!! and I'm sure as hell not predicting the future.

Any opinions of what this might be?
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27 / M / Narnia
Posted 9/26/09
I once had a dream where the earth couldn't support life anymore and humanity had moved into space in giant space stations. I had just moved to a new one and I was exploring it when I saw this girl looking out the window. I looked out a different window and she was looking at the earth. I asked her was was wrong and she said that her boyfriend had been put on a different station and she hadn't seen him for seven years. I asked her what his name was and it was my name...

I never got the point of that dream, but I... I just don't get it
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36 / M / England
Posted 9/26/09 , edited 9/26/09
I don't have recurring dreams as such, but sometimes I go to places in my dreams (which don't seem to represent anywhere I've been in real life) and when I wake up I have a strong feeling that I've dreamed about that place before.

I also have dreams every so often where I find myself back at my first job (which I left about 6 years ago, so I'm not sure why I still dream about it!)

As to why dreams happen, IIRC there is a theory that they help the brain to organise information from the day's experience. I seem to remember reading about a study where they found that if a rat ran around a maze, when it was asleep the brain activity was the same as when they were in the maze, as if they were reliving the experience. Of course, this wouldn't explain the odd dreams people have.
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24 / F / Under the Starry...
Posted 9/27/09
especially when i was young... at like 6-10 i have so weird dreams that seem to have meanings, i got also re-occuring dreams for YEARS... it was like 1-2 one year then 3 times in another and woah... i feel mad... ive had continuing dreams too.... weird ones

then just a few weeks ago when i was in my depression period (went overseas, miss my friends terribly) i had 2 dreams in a row of me with a fight with my parents and the other almost like a reply dream with me and my friends hanging out. It was soooo real and im gonna make it true ;DDD (not the fight of course)
Posted 9/28/09 , edited 9/28/09

jecayuga wrote:

sigmund freud>> "the interpretation of dreams" ---> a book about dreams.... :sweatingbullets:

Freud was hilarious. Enough said on that topic XD.

In terms of dreams. One that I used to get as a child was this:

I wake up to a stinging sensation on my arms. So I lift the covers up only to reveal that they are covered in shapes moving frantically. So I turn on the light despite this feeling. Only to discover that my arms are covered in smooth black spiders, scorpions, centipedes, ants and other "creepy crawlies". So I rush downstairs and into the the bathroom, and begin washing them off in the sink, and no matter how hard I try, they don't come off. So I resort to using a pumice stone and it doesn't help any either.

^Thats when I used to get woken up. Apparently in my sleep I had migrated down to the washroom and was actually washing my arms/scraping away layers of skin with a pumice stone. It really frightened me as a child.

On terms of reoccuring dreams I only ever get one and it's fairly often for me:

Basically, I'm in an all dark room, naked. And there is a spotlight on me. Seemingly from above. I can look up but all I see is the light and no source. If I move it remains directly on top of me. I can't get away from it and I have yet to ever find the boundaries or walls of this room no matter how much I have explored them in my dreams. I'm also hurting. It feels like pin-pricks all over. Like tons of them. Needles of varying length and intensity of the pain associated with them. Furthermore, I feel as if I am being watched. And mocked really. I feel scrutinized as if each and every little flaw and insecurity is being picked out and magnified to the point that it is visible to everyone for them to laugh at. As the dream moves on, the pain increases to the point that it really actually hurts. And thats quite a bit, I have a very high pain tolerance. So even feeling something hurt that bad just floors me at times. As I am entering this vulnerable time, I notice eyes. Everywhere. Staring at me and laughing. I can cry out for help but no one will come. I can ask or plead but I'll never get an answer. The only thing I can do is assume the fetal position and give up. Which is what I do. And during which the pain just rises in intensity until I wake up in the morning.

^Needless to say, I do not enjoy that dream. This started when I was young and I remember it perfectly. No meaning to me at all which only leaves me confused. The only way I really know how to cope with it is to stay up to the point in which I pass out of exhaustion every night possible in hopes of not dealing with it. Which essentially puts me in a really sleep deprived state constantly. Although I must say, sleeping with my gf (I mean sharing a bed not sex) really seems to lower the likelihood of this dream. Possibly because I have something to hold on to? Which would in turn suggest a sense of comfort/security/safety?
Posted 10/19/09 , edited 10/19/09
Sometimes I have dreams when I think a lot about something.

At a time I was like in love with the younger Donna Douglas. I once dreamt that I met her.

I don't know why people have dreams, but I wouldn't personally read too much into it. Dreams can be affected by so many things. For example, I was half awake in my room and Scooby Doo was on. When I drifted into sleep, I had a dream that I was in the show. -_-" They could possibly mean things sometimes..I think people interpret them any way they like.
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24 / M
Posted 10/30/09
oh ur all idiots. dreams dont mean shit. we learnin this in school the other. day. for example. when u "have a dream that comes true" its a load of bullshit. what it is, is its ur brain convincing u that u've seen something be4, wether its in a dream or reall life, but u havent. its just ur brain playin tricks. u can have dreams about sommat thats already happened, obviously, but dreams don't come true. trust me!!
Posted 10/30/09 , edited 10/30/09
Dreams have deep meaning that many people don't realize. Interpretations of dreams and facing them can lead to the betterment of your life. There are occasional premonitions in dreams too.
Posted 4/17/10
Sometimes I have really cool dreams. I love the flying ones. I don't care about the meaning, it's just fun.
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