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Welcome >:]

this is where I will post the "about us" & "guidelines" temporary, until I can make an profile layout. To make it really basic, starstruck-roleplay is a roleplayers paradise. There is not just one, but two roleplays that are happening. If the group seems to be moving well there will be an another added. All members will be able to join both or ether roleplay as they wish, but I do ask you be active.

The rules & regulation are simple:
- no spamming each other
- only two characters for each roleplay (unless you kill off one, then you must pm -starstruck or any other mod)
- characters must be accepted before you can join the roleplay
- characters that won't be accepted are: mary-sue types (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Sue)
- no godmodding (don't make your character better then everyone elses, we are human we have weaknesses)
- when making a second character, post it in a new post, not in the post that contain your first character, our forum moderator will transfer your second character to your first post, when you are accepted.
- respect our mods,
- no swearing unless you have to, in that case censor it.
- pg-13 only please.
more rules will be added when i feel like it.

guild lines: you can write in first character or third character. Make sure what your writing correspond with what your character should be like. more will be added later.

this will also where i will be taking quesstions.
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How bout god-modding lol xD you don't want spies flying o-o or do you xD
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Lina-sa wrote:

How bout god-modding lol xD you don't want spies flying o-o or do you xD

Totally forgot,I'll add that up later ;DD>
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-starstruck wrote:
Totally forgot,I'll add that up later ;DD>

Okay x33

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