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Duchess Private Academy RolePlay
Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/17/09
Kana decided that she would go ahead and wander around. Mabye she could find someone to become friends with.
Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/17/09
Serena whipped her head around too see the newbie staring at her, "hurt" she said.
A thick laugh came from Serena. She clutched her stomach, the nausea and ripping feeling had nearly faded.
"As you can see." She said in a harsh tone.
Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/17/09
Avarice saw Serena." What happened~?" She asked curiously.
Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/17/09
Serena looked around her to see Avarice staring at her, though she wasn't the type to make friends. Avarice didn't seem to bad, "the council wasn't too happy I tried to put a pencil in Juliet Robinsons head." She straighten up, with a sly smirk while she tried to cover up her pain. "They also sent out the invitations to the annual blood donation gala. Get yours yet?" She asked, now standing on her on two feet. With no show of pain on her face- though inside her she could still feel it.
Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/17/09
" I don't think I got the invitation yet. Wait why'd you want to put a pencil through her head?" Avarice fiddled with a necklace chain she had wrapped around her wrist.
Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/17/09
Serena stared at the other girl for a second, and started to laugh. "Better question would be, why did I miss on purpose. Juliet is mortal, fragile and weak- it's fun to toy with her, just like the way she tries to toy with me,"
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" I wish i could have seen her expression." Avarice laughed a bit, mortals always had good expressions especially when.....
Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/17/09
Serena's eyes glittered a dark sparkle. "If she's unlucky enough- you might " Serena promised, "I'm going to the cafe... come with?" She asked, as she started to move forward.

[< i'm off for tonight, i'll talk to you again tomorrow ^^]
Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/17/09
" Sure~!" Avarice followed her.

Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/17/09
Another Day has past since Rin went to this school.
It was stupid school with weak vampires&Humans
She could kill them..but, what would be the fun of that?
As Rin walk into her class she sat there smirking away.

( Ah.. I try to make her mean rude and cocky. hope it works >-<)
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/17/09

Avarice walked into her class. She was a year behind , but diidn't at all feel awkward in the class. She went to her seat , which was right next to Rin's. She was smiling cheerfully, some other students swore they could see flowers dancing around her .
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/18/09
Bored. Rin look around if there was anything interesting
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/18/09
Yawning like she does every other day.
Serena marched into class, rubbing her eyes.
Her blouse, vest, skirt ensemble uniform was wrinkled
and falling off of her, especially her gray cardigan that she wore
over top of her red,black and white uniform.
She walked by Avaricec&the new student Rin.
With a amused smile, she greeted them. "Avarice, Newbie."

[remember to continue where you left off, it would only make the story confusing if you started new days all of a sudden especially if you were already roleplaying with someone.]
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/18/09
Rin gave her a bored look.
" You boring.Not interesting.Anymore" Rin said rudely looking into her eyes with no emotion.
but before she could say another wordshe heard a fimiliar voice.
" You don't treat friends , like that Rin"
It was Ryo.
" What was Ryo doing in this crappy school!?" Rin thought still looking at Serena showing no emotion.

[Oh sorry D:! I won't do that again didn't know >.<.
And that was my second character. It got accepted if you didn't know]
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/18/09
a sharp playful smile tugged at the vampire's lips.
she gave the girl a devilish stare.
"sorry to disappoint." She breathed, the air between them suddenly felt frozen.
Serena left and retrieved back to her desk, feet up on her desk, as the bell rang.

"Good morning students" Mrs. Mary weather greeted with her too happy grin.

[haha, no it's fine- new character;DD lets meet!]
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