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Dawson&Nightingale Roleplay
Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/17/09

I slid down the brick wall of the mansion- utterly exhausted. It's only been three weeks since I started at Dawson and I was seriously wishing I didn't start. The students are snobby rich kids- who can literally kill me & the teachers are know it alls. The saddest thing: I couldn't quit, not when I'm so close to figuring out my life. I'm still determined to find out who my parents are, even it might kill me.. which it might. Just in time, the bell rings releasing the snobs into the hallway. I stand up my back aching, as I limp to the barn where the physical training took place- lucky for me... NOT.


"Fire, fire, fire." Akira mocked, with a bright grin.

I stared at him unamused, he leaned over the counter staring at me, his face was only inches away from my elbow. I felt like shoving into his nose. "What do you want pip-squeak?" I hissed, firing the gun again at the rock wall.

"Pip-squeak huh? Scary- almost as scary as yo-" I took the gun and shoved it in his mouth. His eyes enlarged, though he tried to keep his calm.

"Don't push me." With that i pulled the gun away. & left, behind we judgmental eyes, and ugly whispers.
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Hika was in a good mood.
She rarely in a very good mood.
As She walked into her Class She sat down smiling.
" 3 weeks since I started this School. 3 weeks away from my parents I hope they get really mad at me. Besides they will they will get mad at me since I have everything about Nightigal.but, I won't tell anyone yet." Hika thought to herself with a smirk appearing slowly.
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Hika's POV

As I sat there. I notice this wasn't my class for period one.
If I walked to P.E I would be 1 minute and 0.34 second.
So I decided to run!
As I ran to P.E I was 32 seconds early.
" Thanks god" I thought to myself
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I as well as the rest of the gym class stripped of our uniforms and changed into tank tops and booty shorts. I pulled my hair into a tight pony tail and was about to head down to the barn floor, when a girl named Hika burst through the gym doors. "Almost late," I observed. I headed out the back end of the change room, followed the railing that perimeter the barn, down the stairs and stood at attention with the rest of the class.
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Hika looked at the girl who she heard said " Almost Late"
She smiled.

Hika was bored.
Waiting for the teacher was boring so she ask this girl that had tied her hair up in a ponytail to be her partner to help her do Material arts.
" Excuse Me , but would you like to be my partner to help me in materal arts?"
Hika said Smiling.
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" Thanks likes find somewhere in the barn to practice while we wait" Hika said while looking for an area.
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" Ah~! Thats a good spot lets go " I said walking there.
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" Well wanna do the 360 flip on eachother?" Hika asked
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" OKay sure " Hika said as she was turned herself around Jakes back and did the 360 flip.

[Sorry I have to go byee See ya tom?]
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[isn't jack from nightingale? not dawson kisakutie?]


I punched, dodged and kicked. Flipped and pinned my partner, she groaned and kicked back. It was like an choreography dance, she tacked be in the air, and we fell to the ground, I groaned pulling myself back up, I kicked her off of me. I saw Professor Dawn at the end of our mat nodding and smiling, if only I could smile back, instead I bend all the backwards to avoid my partners kick.
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[haha yeah, Aoi is in nightingle- so i'll roleplay with you;D]


With my hands jammed into the pocked of my expensive true religion jeans. I stalked the halls looking for something to do, class was basically over for me, but I couldn't go back to my dorm now- it was too boring, plus I was starving. WIth a quicken pace I started to walk towards the great hall towards the dinning room.
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Hika was hmm a tune while changing into her Dawson uniform
" Another day.." Hika thought to herself as she went to P.E
After P.E Hika went to her 2nd period class and Sat down
Smiling. Again~
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( x] can i magically transfer Jack then?)

Jack was in the dining room, she had a plate filled with sweets." Yum~"
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/17/09
[yes of course, I'll delete your previous post -]
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"All In" Professor Dawn ordered. Distracted my parent got the best of me, and threw me towards the forming group. I flipped and landed like a cat, soundlessly on the ground.
"Yo." I mumbled. Professor Dawn shot me a look, and continued to expand our assignments.

"Around you, you will see that there are sixteen ropes and thrity-two of you, pair up. One partner times while the other climbs- this will build your upper body and keep you cool during a competition."

I looked our for a partner, clueless now that my other partner had already paired up. I bit my lip not wanting to look like a fool. I saw Hika and moved. "Lets be partners!" I announced, gripped her arm and towed her away before she could decline.

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