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Dawson&Nightingale Roleplay
Posted 7/17/09
" What!? but-" Hika said trying to pull her way out but, gave up.
" So who wants to climb upi first?" Hika said Kim still holding onto her.
Posted 7/17/09
"Je suis désolé, Hika pour vous traîner aime cela. Vous pouvez aller d'abord si vous aimez ?." I muttered in french, keeping my tone down hoping no one else would hear.
Posted 7/17/09
But , Hika has heard what she had said
" Its okay I was looking for a partner anyways Kat. And thanks Ill go first ."
Hika said perparing herself to climb.

[DId you say I'm sorry, you hang around for Hika likes that. You can go first if you like making sure o-o im not good in french at school -.-"]
Posted 7/17/09
I moved back and let the girl start to climb as my finger hovered over the stop watch.

[Actually I said : I'm sorry Hika, for dragging you around like that- you can go first if you like." translated it would be: I am afflicted, Hika to trail you likes that. You can go initially if you like? so k, i'm not that good ether]
Posted 7/17/09
Hika's POV
Climbing was easy. I was train every since I was little [By myself though]
I quckily went to the top and climb down.
" How long was that?" I said smiling.
I really didn't care. but, As a trained spy I looked liked I cared.

[lol theres things we aren't good at. nobody's perfect ;D]
Posted 7/17/09
"thirty-one point three seconds- congrats." I tossed Hika the watched, "time it." I clapped my hands together, the grip dusk exploded like a bomb around my hands, I laughed as I pulled myself up the rope. It was simple, inhale pull inhale pull, shimmy exhale, shimmy exhale, within seconds i dropped to ground my a cat.
Posted 7/17/09
" Amazing! 00:23:99 thats quite amazing" Hika said.
The score that she got made her happy.
If she didn't try she doesn't need to use all her energy for her next period.
So She smiled.
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/17/09
Seth was in a class, he had forgotten what subject they were learning, it was way too boring too pay attention to anything. the teacher seemed to drone on and on, the noises that came from penicls moving, and the cool A.C ... He was lulled into a light nap.
Posted 7/17/09
(any1 care to rp?:p)

Alicia walked into Dawson,her eyes were emotionless.
Posted 7/17/09
I smiled- soon we took turns running up and down the rope. It was my last turn and five feet from the ground I let go, and dropped to my feet. My knees buckled and I could hardly walk anymore- I was tired and utterly beat. Sweat plastered to my body, which glued my clothes to me, started to fanning myself with my shirt, there should be a warning that when you only had four hours of sleep you should have participate in gym, especially in a school made for spies.

Posted 7/17/09
(thanks Topsy :3)
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/17/09
(your welcome~!)

Seth's dream was very interesting..., cat's with human heads, humans with dog heads. A person having a caterpillar body and going through metamorphosis. And a human head with all organs needed for survival all in the area where the brain should be, yet this strange organism was able to survive. How? He wondered if any of these things were truly possible. But then again ti was a dream, just a dream. The next thing he knew he found himself in a hallway, he was awake. " Sleepwalking?" he wondered out loud, he saw Alicia.
Posted 7/17/09

Alicia saw Seth.No expression past her face but she looked at him.
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/17/09
Seth was a bit puzzled," umm Hi?" He said , he suddenly realized that his head was throbbing. Perhaps the teacher had wackd him the head? Yet there was no bump.
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/17/09
"Hi."Alicia said.Her voice was dead.
Interesting..... She thought to herself
"Dadekara?"She asked in Japanese.

(I'm not good at japanese spelling btw.)
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