Surviving High School
Posted 7/16/09
It's a game you can download on your phone. I downloaded it last year && I've been pretty much addicted to it w/e I have time to kill.

For anyone who honestly can't guess what it's about, its this game where you play as tons of different characters at high school && try to help get them through problems && the like. But there are like lots of great old-skool styled mini-games involved.

Anybody here ever play it? If so, feel free to discuss what you love about it; what you don't like about it; who your favorite characters are; your favorite episode; etc...
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Posted 7/19/09
I want to play this game
Posted 7/19/09
[email protected]!#$ High School.
Posted 7/24/09 , edited 7/24/09
Why bother replying at all when you have nothing relevent to say for the topic? Just seems kinda pointless to me. :/

Anyways, for MYHK31 && anyone else who's interested, heres a link to their official site where you can dowload the game:

Although thats the old '08 game && they put out the last episode for it last week, so I have no clue if its still dowloadable or not. But heres the new version of the game that just came out:

Fun stuff. Whether you like[d] high school or not. It's all just a fun game in the end. Has nothing to do with w/e your high school life was like.
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Posted 7/24/09
i dont want to dl it but it "sounds" fun
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Posted 7/25/09
sounds interesting.. sweet!
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