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Posted 7/18/09 , edited 7/18/09

Ironoside VS Ice & Water Once More

Friday 08/05/2009

Ironoside, Fitan, Shord Start to move toward Fighting Circuit)
(In the middle of spectator Ayoma and Dani)
Ayoma - oh look over there it's the King's Family oh I wish I was there
Dani - hahahaha no I don’t think that place will suit you but for a prince like me yes maybe
(3 hits from Ayoma to Dani, after that Ayoma with loud voice said)
Ayoma - Go For it Ironoside
Dani - {hmmm Fira is here also ...}
(VIP Part)
Otara - that boy ????
Onas - huh??? What that boy?
Otara - he is the one who was with Shino….. right Shino?
(Otara looked at her back but she didn't saw her Shino and her mom)
Otara - where is Shino?
Kora – they left a minute ago
Onas - is that right Kora?
Kora - yes my lord but as Princess Shino Told me this boy protected her
Otara - huh? Protect?
Onas - hmmm let's see what he will do in this fight, after this fight tell me everything Kora
Kora - yes my lord
Onas - by the way I wonder where is Storm?
Otara - Storm?
Onas - I asked him to judge in Sora Tournament this year
(Ironoside was on one side of Fighting Circuit and Fitan & Shord on the other side, all the people were looking at them)
(In no time from the sky something hit the ground)
Storm [Master of wind][one of 10 the Strongest][champion of Tournament] - oh on time
All People - !!!!
Storm – hmmmm oh does the fight starts without me?
All People - huh?????????
Storm - hmmmm means the fight didn’t start yet? Ok fight?
All People - !!!!!!! huhhhhh…what without any preparation?????????/
Storm - hmmmm yes.. Did I forget something? Oh yes my name is Storm last year’s Champion and hmmm let me think more hmmmm
Ironoside - !!!
Shord - {storm... one of my father rival}
(VIP part)
Fira - is it ok if you let him to judge?
Onas - hahahaha
Otara - {is this idiot is champion?}
Kora - {one of the10 strongest Storm...}
(In spectator)
Ayoma - oh Dani… one of your Cousin
Dani - huh??????? he is not my Cousin
Ayoma - oh but his mind is similar to you
Dani –… I am not that much idiot
(In Fighting circuit)
Storm - oh yes I remembered.. First explain the rule; hmmmmm any one who went out of circuit fight or lay on the ground for 15 second will lose that’s all. So are the two groups ready?
All People – That was too fast
(Storm looked at Ironoside)
Ironoside - yes
(Then Storm turned his head toward Shord and Fitan)
Shord - we are
(Storm started to fly slowly slowly and he was looking at the king and the king moves his head to show his agreement)
Shord - Fitan?
Fitan - I know
Storm - let the fight begin............
(Shord jumped toward the sky and Fitan was getting ready to attack)
Ironoside - this trick..
(From Fitan hand water with strong pressure came out toward Ironoside but Ironoside jumped and avoid the attack)
Ironoside – water!!!!
(With that pressure that water came out from Fitan’s hands in no time all of Circuit Fight Ground fill with water, directly after this Shord touched the water and all of water became ice)
(Ironoside from the sky fall on ice)
Ironoside – ice!!!!
Shord - its impressive that you could avoid Fitan's attack but don’t be happy because the battle just started
Ironoside - {it is the same as.....}
(Ironoside remembering)
...(Nora put her hands on the ground ...)
...Nora - let’s see umm……hey do you like to see a river boy?
...Ironoside – a river?
...(Brast jump on a tree behind Nora)
...Ren [Toria Shino] - oh noooooooooooo Ironoside run awayyyyyyyyyyy
...Ironoside - what for?
...(From Nora’s hands which was touching the ground.. water like a big river come out and the water goes directly toward Ironoside)
(back to real time)
Ironoside - {the same technique and the same style of attack...}
(Shord runs toward Ironoside and with one of his hand attacked)
(Ironoside draw one of his swords and he stopped the attack but the sword start to freeze slowly slowly)
(Ironoside Draw his second Sword but Shord stopped it with his second hand)
(Ironoside and Shord were face to face to each other and the two swords of ironoside was slowly going to be freeze)
Shord – so Ironoside are you ready to see the hell little early?
Ironoside - !!!!!!!!!!
(Fitan was behind Ironoside ready to attack)
Shord - Fitan now
Fitan - "Water Shoot"
(From Fitan's hands a water like shoot directly hit Ironoside's back)
(From Ironoside Mouth Blood came out and Ironoside lost the control of himself)
(Shord after letting the swords slowly moved back, at the same time he rised his hand and ice was gather in his hand)
Shord - "Ice Sword"
(Shord Create a Sword from the ice)
(Ironoside was going to fall down )
(Shord attacked Ironoside with Ice sword and he wanted to slash Ironoside in to two part ...................)

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter21

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 7/18/09 , edited 7/18/09
Ohayoooooooo am back
I would like to have your ability on writing one day ..your way on writing by trying to combine between the chapters and the scans..Pretty good ..Thought I guess u try to bring best images which you can to repleace the missing part which is no draws ..Nonetheless I like the way you write it’s unique and with the sense of humor it’s perfect..just keep going writer ..waiting your next chapter ....=D
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29 / M / Land of darkness
Posted 7/18/09 , edited 7/19/09
oh if you want next chapter you must pay (joking)
next chapter will be ready next week friday i think
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 7/19/09 , edited 7/19/09
i like it ^^ next chapter please
Posted 7/19/09 , edited 7/19/09
Goshinpai naku.. .just keep your words because i will be over here waiting to read it .BUT ..dam now everything became business. ..Mite! broken and bez i will try to be frist reader and bez am your biggest fan then am out ..what do you think??? good deal right .. oh ur silent means yes ..o THANK YOU am safe
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