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Skip Beat chp 143
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Posted 7/30/09
If the present was a pillow that would be totally adorable.........Awww
Also I want to say that there is something I have noticed......When Kyoko and Sho fight towards the end someone always confesses like when Sho hurt her when she came to talk about Reino stealing his image he confessed that she was right and that he couldn't do anything about it saying he had no right to hurt her because it left an after taste.....Or when Kyoko was saying thank you for Sho saving her from Reino...They started fighting again and Kyoko asked why he would do that if he would end up hurting himself...and he shot back "I was only thinking about your safety." then he was just about to say something and TADA Ren comes to her Rescue....but now Kyoko shot something back at him this chapter.....TO be honest I can't even image how he feels...These two are know for running into each other but only time will tell and for now I am bouncing up and down to see the end of this V-Day come to an end.....Its been a while and the wait isn't that long for this chapter but I will tell you that wait for the last chapter nearly killed me....So this one I do believe the raws will be out around aug 5th.....

Also I think Shou is slowly maturing....From the begining to being a selfess a**....I still think he is an a** but he is chaning as the story line is going on and I hope this is still just the begining of skip beat because I will support it until the end.....<3<3<3<3<3
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Posted 8/3/09
as much as spoilers can ruin the fun i couldnt stop my self and i think the answer to ur question on the nightmare i think thats where they were filming dark moon when reino attacked kyoko
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