Sumo wrestling
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Posted 7/18/09 , edited 7/19/09
Hello there,

This is about the sumo wrestling in Japan.

This is a sport that's pretty popular over here in Japan and always has been.


The winner of a sumo bout is either:
The first wrestler to force his opponent to step out of the ring.
The first wrestler to force his opponent to touch the ground with any part of his body other than the bottom of his feet.

Yokozuna.who appeared on WWE was famous for sumo wrestling as well.

On October 23, 2000, Anoa'i died of fluid in his lungs in his room at the Moat House Hotel, Liverpool, England while he was on an independent wrestling tour in Europe.. It was reported that his death was caused by heart failure. Anoa'i died at the weight of 600 pounds'i
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I watched a documentary on Sumo. Despite their appearance, they are actually highly trained and have great strength and stamina. They are rock stars in Japan.
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I think sumo wrestling is awesome.
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They are interesting.

See those chubby sumos pushing each other is kinda exciting , plus you would wonder how they ever gotten such a body. Besides , sumos are popular in Japan .. they origin from there of course.. i wonder who came out with that ..

Agree with vittoriano.

Watch Sumo wrestling below.
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They have to eat alot like nachos YES!
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Sumo wrestlers are a wall of muscle disguised by a large layer of fat 0_0
Not someone you wanna mess with
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