Dating in the Dark
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Posted 7/18/09 , edited 7/18/09

Premieres Monday 10/9 Central on ABC

"Do looks really matter?" Asks ABC. This new show "Dating in the Dark" tests people of just that. Single men and women are rounded up for a speed dating session that takes place in a restaurant, and also (you guessed it) in the dark.

Each paired off couple have 5 minutes in a dark room together, to get to know each other and enjoy their meal (which I find hard to do when you can't see your food). After each have been paired off (boy/girl). They sit down and make their decisions about those they have just dated.

At some point, the couples are reunited into that dark room and the lights are switched on, where they stand face to face with who they were conversing with (and sometimes even 'making out' with) in that dark room just moments before.

Open the spoiler for a link to the promotional videos.

I wanna know what you think.

Would you ever do something like this?
And if so what would you do when the lights come on and they're not what you expected?

I look forward to your opinions.

If this is a duplicate please let me know, I searched the forums and couldn't find one, so hopefully I'm right.
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Posted 7/20/09
Now the show might be interesting if everyone was naked and in the dark..but otherwise sounds like it pretty much sucks...another boring so called unreal non-reality show. I pretty much hate them all. Survivor would have been interesting if the contestants would have been put in a situation where they actually HAD to survive, like hunt for food and water and make shelter and stuff..but the show basically stinks just like this one will...
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Posted 7/20/09
ummm it would be interesting but wat if u kissed the wrong person in the dark with bunch of ppl and ur naked ssss that would be embarrising
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Posted 10/28/09
This is a very twisted show. I only saw a few episodes of it. I believe looks matter a great deal!
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Posted 5/7/10
ABC has a lot of stupid shows. Not very entertaining.
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Posted 5/18/10
Rocks. 8D
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