Seiza☆Kareshi Roleplay
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Posted 7/19/09
Okay here's the characters ^^

Yoh Tomoe as : _____

Kanata Nanami as : _____

Homare Kanakubo as : _____

Suzuya Tohzuki as : _____

Aozora Hayato as : _____

Ryunosuke Miyaji as : _____

Amaha Tsubasa as : _____

Kazuki Shiranui as : _____

Iku Mizushima as : _____

Naoshi Haruki as : _____

Kotarou Hoshizuki as : _____

Azusa Kinose as : _____

tell me if you want to be who ~ Anyways i guess i'm on Love Revo : 3
Posted 7/19/09
Oh, hai, I posted on the wrong Forum.

Seriously, people, I've been out for 8 months and this is what I get? The old "Crunchyroll"?
Yes, this isn't an offensive comment and I hope you learn from it without any violent reactions or whatsoever. You guys are great, really, but you really need to take cautions regarding rules and such because this whole community is one. I don't really have anything in mind regarding your way of doing things, but just follow the rules and the mods will be okay.

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24 / F / Under your bed!!!...
Posted 7/19/09
^ You picked the best one. D:

any girls in that bunch?
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Posted 7/19/09
They look feminine in some aspects o.o of the pictures , Ryunosuke Miyaji stands out the most =.= DAM YOU KIPPU!
Posted 7/19/09
Assuming either group thread or, as said above, RP not allowed in forums.

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