Question about actor/singer Katori Shingo
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Posted 7/21/09
The question is:

What's his surname? I've seen his name as Katori Shingo and Shingo Katori. Some fansubbers will switch names, some won't. One site will have his name one way and another the opposite. If anyone is 100% on which is his first and which is his last, please tell me.

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Posted 7/21/09
Ask here:
the drama/movie help thread
or google..
Posted 7/21/09
everytime I go to a thread its been reported
is there some kinda contest going on
I dont know about

anyway shingo is his first name
Posted 7/21/09
Don't know who that is.. :/
Posted 7/21/09
First name: Shingo
Last name: Katori

Please use the music help thread
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