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School uniforms
Posted 10/14/09
i don't have a problem with them, besides wearing a skirt xP i don't know why people let kids get away with rebelling just because they want to wear a outfit they spent alot of money on. the main purpose of school anyway is education, not the uniform~
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24 / M
Posted 10/30/09
uniforms shud be banned! im constantly gettin told.."do ur top button up", "tuck ur shirt in", put ur blazer on" whats the point. it doesnt effect by learning in any way if i look smart or not. i dont see why they dont just sack uniforms and let poeple where there own clothes. some schools do, so why shudnt they all, EH??!?!!
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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 10/31/09
In the Philippines almost all schools requires wearing school uniform...

I like it actually maybe because I got used to it but then I think that it's okay because people really do get distracted sometimes in the
kind of clothes a person is wearing. So I think a uniform is okay for uniformity... hehehe....
Posted 12/15/09
i dont care ..if we have to wear them but i still hate it cuz in my school if ur hairs to long u have 2 fold it up or if u cant do that u have 2 CUT it !
Posted 12/18/09
never had to wear one......
wouldnt want it too cuz i just want to wear the clothes i like
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22 / F / England - しかし、私は日...
Posted 12/18/09
I personally like school uniforms , this is because it saves time in the morning (So the students get longer to sleep in - perform better) and others don't comment on your clothes (Less self-conscious - perform better because you have less to worry about)
So, in reality although students who wear uniforms complain, it's actually better for them because they have less to worry about.
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Posted 12/21/09
ahh~ i miss my high school uniform days...
so convenient, so time saving, and my school uniform WAS awesome too... most people didn't even know it was school uniform (since it doesn't have a logo/emblem anywhere either) and looked pretty casual.
it was also relatively cheap.
Posted 12/21/09 , edited 12/21/09
I hated my Taiwanese elementary school uniform, it made me looked like an elitist because I was studying in a private school. However I wasn't supposed to be there, when I didn't have a dual Canadian-Taiwanese citizenship and therefore I can't enroll the Taiwanese public school system. The private school which I ended up enrolling was literally a concrete prison with no green space; every square inch of the school is covered with cement, with sharp glass edging at tip of the concrete wall all around the school ground. There's no running anytime when inside the school even during recess, because they don't want the students to get hurt when they tripped and fell on hard concrete floor. Physical education classes were even worst, when it's taught on the rooftop because they were too "noisy".

It was a nightmarish experience for me growing up in Taiwan, and my stupid baby-blue colored boy-shorts of a school uniform was adding insult to injury.
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M / New york
Posted 12/22/09
i dont have much of a opinion on skool uniforms, i never wore em soo i dont rlly have a feeling on this topic.
but like if i was given a chance to go to a skool who promotes it and i had to wear it i would try it and stuff, see how i feel bout it in the end.. but as for now i dont rlly care if i had to wear em or not.
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Posted 12/24/09
my school was considering the thought of getting uniforms. (keyword: was)

these are rumors from my bff's so idk if they are right.

anyways they said that a few parents wanted kids to wear school uniforms because of the pressure to wearing the "in" clothing.

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28 / F
Posted 12/27/09 , edited 12/27/09
Once i heard : ´´ School Uniforms are use to avoid discrimination among students; because if you wear this or that clothes, somebody gonna tell you a stupid thing. Also is way to show to everybody where you study´´.
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22 / M / grand rapids
Posted 12/30/09
i dont have school uniforms it rocks but i do have gym uniforms
Posted 4/7/10
I don't really care if I have to wear uniforms or not, pssh.
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39 / M / England
Posted 4/8/10
It’s basically the first stage of indoctrination. Wear the uniform, be like everyone else, be disciplined and then when you’re old enough and you tow the line, you’ll be privileged to do the same to the next generation.

I hate school uniforms. Being a teenager should be about expressing your diversity and discovering your individuality, not about discipline and homogeneity. We should be instilling a love of learning into people for learning’s sake, not for discipline’s sake. Yes, discipline does get results, but at what cost? Well, we become horrible people, don’t we?
Posted 4/17/10
Well I don't know if they made us perform better or not, but I always liked uniforms b/c I didn't have to worry about what to wear in the morning. I also enjoy wearing my own style now, but I didn't mind not having to worry about what to wear.
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