*Sweet's Love Corner
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For our lovely hosts and costumers, Welcome to the Kin-Ai Sweet's Love Corner *bows* where you can eat our delicious sweets made by our Head Patisserie _______. As you can see, our sweet's love corner is still on process making sweets but we will try our best to make sweets for you to suit your taste while your chatting with your designated hosts or just relaxing yourselves in our club. Also, we will change the menu every month to your liking or according in the seasons *smiles* but if our head patisserie will be busy or will be gone for awhile, I will also help to put more sweets for you.

Enjoy yourselves in our club while eating our delicious sweets in this corner~!

"Heard melodies are SWEET,
but those unheard are more SWEETER"

(by John Keats)

I have important to say to all of you (hosts & costumers) Our Head Patisserie Reani has quit being the Head Patisserie of our club, to know more details please go to the main group profile page of the club and go to > ATTENTIONS & ANNOUNCEMENTS corner. But the Sweet's Love Corner will still be running and go under process even without Head Patisserie. But we will still recruit for the position of Head Patisserie. We will do our best to keep the Sweet's Love Corner open.

The theme of this month is: Sweet of the August
(→ The theme of the month will be change according
on the month or season if not busy ←)


Sweetlin' Love~

chocolate mousse


Yumi Tarts

Rêve d’été

chocolate choux puffs

caramel au beurre salé

le plaisir sucré

crème caramel

Caramel and milk chocolate peanut tarts

Chocolate loaf cake

Jean Luc Pele'

Les éclairs au chocolat

Le sablé breton aux framboises

La mousse au chocolat

Le macara

Le millefeuilles

La verrine fleur de sel

La tarte aux fruits rouges

La crème brûlée au chocolate

The tarte aux framboises

The tarte tutti frutti

Bûches de Noël manifesto

Le Strawberries Captive

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#>__<# "Nayaaaa!!! Too many smexi men.".
-Blood nose, flour splattered on her nose and clothes then smile toward a customer came in, flushing lightly-
"How may I help you?!"
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