[GAME] Shugo Chara Special Story
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Posted 7/22/09

Hi people ~! well moi ish new here but once i played a game of all those story making of an anime i fell in with it so please lets make our imagination & thoughts free~~


At Midnight, Amu was thirsty & woke up to get a drink but when she opened her eyes she saw Ikuto next to her. And she found out that she is in his ROOM !! then Ikuto woke up *rubbing his eyes

Ikuto : What's wrong Amu?
Amu : Wh...Why am I in ur ROOM?!?!?! *blushing
Ikuto : ...............................................

PLease Continue ne ~~~
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Posted 7/22/09
Ikuto: Yo.
Amu: Wh..why?
Ikuto: Well you should be the one telling me that, but I think I kinda like it.
Amu: WHAT!?
Ikuto: Whoa, your body is soo warm.
Utau comes out of no where
Utau: IKUTO!!! *jumps on him*
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