Post Reply why is ur first love the hardest to get over
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26 / F / layen next to my...
Posted 7/22/09
i just broke up wih like my first reall gf ever why is it so hard to let her go
Posted 7/23/09
mmm sorry to hear that... maybe its really hard becouse she was you first ha
anyway i know a good medicin against love pain
biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hug
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25 / M / The States
Posted 7/25/09
Haha, my first still currently my love...but the feeling isn't mutual.

I know it'll always be unrequited love, yet I continue to express softly.

It's funny, cuz my first girlfriend wasn't my first love, but someone who I admired and loved only as a best friend...

Anyways, I've tried many times to get over this unrequited love, but no matter what it stays with me.

It's just like I can't think about anything else, when I see this person.

Haha, I guess I can only hope that one day my true love will come and make me forget this.

We can all dream, huh?
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23 / F / In My Thoughts
Posted 1/3/10
I still love my first girlfriend, and I haven't seen her in two years. Sure, I love my boyfriend right now. But no matter what, I just can't get over her. No matter how much I wish I could. :[ She was just too special
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23 / F / ...My house... i...
Posted 1/6/10
eh i guess... because you're used to seeing and talking to them all the time, you shared such personal things and you've trusted them.... and now its like it was all a waist, well sometimes....
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