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more about filipinos
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Posted 10/29/09 , edited 10/29/09
half proud-half ashamed
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Posted 10/29/09 , edited 10/29/09
yep, i sure am but the fact that we imitate and find western ideals more agreeable than that of ours is frustrating...
Posted 11/1/09 , edited 11/1/09
i am proud to be!

i miss sinigang. T_____T
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Posted 11/16/09 , edited 11/17/09
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Posted 11/19/09 , edited 11/19/09
more ashamed than being proud
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Posted 11/27/09 , edited 11/27/09
I imagine that being Filipino feels like any other ethnicity. Are you implying that different races impart different sensations?
Do I enjoy being Filipino? I suppose?
No I'm not ashamed of being Filipino.

Honestly, are Filipinos treated THAT badly elsewhere or something? Sorry for being ignorant. There's just not much discrimination against Filipino's specifically where I live.
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Posted 12/17/09 , edited 12/17/09
Im proud of being a filipino!! im proud alot
& who's n0t??
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Posted 12/17/09 , edited 12/21/09
I'm cool with this Filipino body of mine. hehehe.
Full of pride to share the national problems with my Filipino brothers.

Posted 12/21/09 , edited 12/22/09
haha!! im proud!!! but not of philippines current situation!!! im not ashamed at all i mean who cares wat other ppls think, its either they put up or shut up because either way were not going anywhere!!!! lol dat sounded so corny..its not like we did something bad
Posted 12/21/09 , edited 12/22/09

DrifterZ0 wrote:

KiTs07 wrote:

Not really, there are only few, compared to the total population of the philippines.

guess so, probably you are right... or probably i've been surrounded by those minority, no wonder i got some of their moronic traits...

lol!! true true
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Posted 12/21/09 , edited 12/22/09
hmmmm not that proud or ashamed :] ahmmm ( but im not a true blood pinoy hoho )
Posted 12/25/09 , edited 12/25/09
I love the Philippines, I'm okay with being a Filipino but I hate how the government runs and how some Filipinos act, it's kind of embarrassing hearing negative things about our race, especially about corruption.
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Posted 1/13/10 , edited 1/14/10
proud to be a Filipino!
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Posted 1/16/10 , edited 1/16/10
Haha I'm proud to be one of millions Filipino..

I have a story to share bout filipino..(story told by my office mate)

when my officemate was in High school/ college, His prof ask them about what they can say about Pinoys?
Some says Masipag, Matyaga, Mabait, malambing, hospitable, etc., and he was called you know what he said about pinoyS?

"PALAHIAN' at first when you hear this it seems like so negative, but admit it many foreigner marry pinays/pinoys right?? Why?

simply because pinoys' blood were really different. producer of world class talents, and beauties..

Well he simply means that pinoys are amazingly Beautiful/gorgeous/pretty.. handsome, adorable,sexy... Who's with me???
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Posted 1/17/10 , edited 1/18/10
Im very proud of being a filipino
but just like other people says, not the government!

more power to philippines!
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