What kind of forum do you want?
Posted 7/23/09 , edited 7/25/09
I will make alteast one more forum. and that will conclude the entire groups main forum (except mission forums, and event forums, which will be labeled)

and I want your choice on what the final forum will be. be decided by the end of the week.

Catacombs - a place to pay respect to fallen Sun knights, also a place for when you die, you may get resurrected.

Underworld - A place that thieves use to store goods , the sun knights allow there existence in exchange for free use of any item they choose.

White room - the make your own adventure room, able to transmute all your senses into a virtual reality room inside your head, and allows you to bring your friends.

Planes of despair - the place closest to the sun, a holy land for the sun order.

Desert - A simple desert? no the joker god created this fictional desert, it is actually a cold steppe but with all the senses jumbled this place seems like a vary hot desert.

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Posted 7/25/09 , edited 7/25/09
As a Thief, I think the Underworld would be an excellent choice.
Posted 7/25/09 , edited 7/26/09
despair spelled wrong on top just in case you didnt notice and either planes of despair or the white room would be the best choices as they leave the most room for events to take place such as wars with unknown enemies etc. etc. whereas the underworld seems like a place where little besides conversations could occur.
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