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Post Reply FANFIC [MC]~ Kimi no Koto Wasurenaide.
Posted 11/12/09
this is really good!
ne, post more!..
Posted 11/13/09

yuri_30 wrote:

this is really good!
ne, post more!..

Haha arigatouuu! <333
Yupp I'll post more soon ^O^
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Posted 11/14/09

more power~!!!
we'll wait e nxt update..hehe...(:
Posted 11/17/09

sukiry wrote:


more power~!!!
we'll wait e nxt update..hehe...(:

Hehee, Thank You! ♥
Yepp, I'm updating it really soon (x
Really, thanks a lot for reading! ^^
Posted 11/17/09 , edited 11/17/09
Chapter 3 comingg uppp! xD

Chapter Three.


I looked up at the buildings, and oh gosh they were massive! Wow, New York sure is big and busy. In the streets, everyone was walking so fast, like they knew where to go.

But me…


Now where is the school I’m supposed to be going to now? My map was just useless!
If only I didn’t suck in Geography. *uwaaaa!*

Around me I saw all the New York people in their suits, probably going for work.
They all looked like…. Celebrities! Blonde and brown hair! Blue, green, and hazel eyes!
I swear I think I saw a couple of Avril Lavigne and Madonna look-alikes just now!


This is no good. I’m not getting anywhere near Auburn High School. I’m LOST!

I sat nearby the lamppost, clenching my crumpled map and looking over it once again in desperation.


“Hi. You are new here aren’t you?”

I looked up, and saw a girl peering down at me, wearing the same school uniform I’m currently wearing.

“You’re Japanese right? I am Japanese too. My name is Shimasaki Audrey.”

My lips burst into a smile. “YOKATTA!~ Thank you! My name is Kaeru Shiki! I’m new here and my English is not really good, I’m sorry. Do you know where our school is?”

“Oh it’s there,” she pointed to a building behind me.

“Eh that’s our school?” I turned behind. It was then I realized that the letters on the building spelt, “Auburn High School.”

HOW COULD I NOT RECOGNISE THAT BUILDING WAS MY SCHOOL! Gosh I was so stupid! *bangs head on the wall*

“I was just like you when I first came here, don’t worry ne.” Audrey laughed.

Hazukashi dayo!~ First day of school and I already made a fool of myself!
But I was lucky, at least I made a new friend.


“Matte, matte!” suddenly I heard a voice echoing behind me.

I turned around. It’s him.

“Gomen,” Yamada panted. “I want to apologize for being so rude that day.”

“Ah betsuni… it’s okay really,” I replied.

“Ano… do you mind introducing yourself, I only know that your surname is Mizushima.”

“Oh hai, Mizushima Sashi desu,” I bowed. “In case you didn’t know I’m Mizushima Hiro’s little sister ne.”

“EHHHHH?” My short introduction seemed to give Yamada a big shock. “You’re really Mizushima Hiro’s sister, the one who acted in Hana Kimi and Mask Rider Kabuto?”

I laughed, “Hai, don’t tell anyone ne. Trust me, I had enough of his fangirls.”

He laughed.

I was, surprised. Pleasantly surprised. It was the first time I saw a smile on his face, and those lines of worry disappearing. I continued staring at him, amused.

“What?” He asked.

“What what?” I asked back.

“Why did you just stare at me just now?”

“Ehhhh~ iie ne…. It’s just that I never saw you laughed before, and then you’re suddenly laughing your head off just now,”

“Sou daa ne,” he looked down, and I could saw him clenching his fists tight again. “I’ve always been a sorrowful guy haven’t I?”

The poor guy by the fire escape stairs. Nothing but a bitter frown engraved on his lips from dawn till sunset. But time has gone now, time has passed. The past is over; the future is to be embraced. And that’s the time; I felt a plan quickly forming into my head. All we need now is a revolution, a revolution that will change Ryosuke to be the cheerful guy he was once before.

“Yamada-kun, I’ve got a plan,” I gave a happy smirk. “An awesome plan.”

“Eh? What do you mean?” he asked, a sheer perplexity seen all over his face.

“It’s time you go for a transformation, Yamada-kun,” I pushed him out of the school gates, ready to take him to a shopping mall.

“HEY! What are you doing!! Ne…. don’t push!!”

“Yamada-kun, you must win Horikoshi Gakuen’s Hot Talent Guy Competition! I’m taking you to the mall now!”

“Wh-WHAT? No way! Zettai DAME!!! Not in a million years am I ever gonna join that competition! Hanase yo! Let go!”

“Let’s do a bet then.” I stopped.

“B-bet? What bet are you talking about? I’m never gonna take part in that competition! NEVERRRR!

“Let’s have an arm wrestling tomorrow. If you win, then you don’t have to take part. But if you lose, you have to, no matter what it takes!”

“Heheh,” Yamada smirked proudly. “I’m the best in arm wrestling you know? You will definitely lose ne!”

“Oh yeah? What makes you think so?”

“Just watch this video, and see it for yourself!” >>

“LOL! I’m not gonna back out! We’ll see who’s the winner then ne?”

The fight tomorrow, I must win it, my heart kept chanting, empowering, overwhelming.

I will win Yamada-kun, prepare yourself for a school revolution!

Stay tuned to Chapter 4! :DDD

Finally some interesting stuff at the end.^^
Haha. Let's just see who'll win the challenge shall we? xD
Comments are loveed!
Really, thanks a lot to all those who have been reading this, and for the encouragement. ^___^
I will try to update soon.
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Posted 11/18/09
sugoii~!!!!!!!!!!hahha.keep up the good work neh~!^^
Posted 11/19/09

sukiry wrote:

sugoii~!!!!!!!!!!hahha.keep up the good work neh~!^^

Heehee, arigatouu! :DD
I will try my best ^O^
Posted 11/20/09
sashi vs yamada!
i wonder who will win...?
keep posting more,ne.!
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Posted 11/22/09
cant wait for d next chapterrrr^^
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