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What motivates you to write?
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24 / F / Underworld...seri...
Posted 10/20/10 , edited 10/20/10
I'll die without already became a great part of my nature... the world's my inspiration
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25 / M / Australia
Posted 10/23/10 , edited 10/23/10
originally gundam made me want to write a gundam story.
now final fantasy makes me want to write a final fantasy type story. With the recent mega failures of final fantasy XI, XII, XIII and XIV and my favorites being final fantasy VII, VIII, X and Crisis Core (And i actually played crisis core and VII after XIII and thought it was better.)
Because of the recent failure by square enix to live up to what is expected of a final fantasy title, i am writing a story that would be, how, I as a fan would want a story from a final fantasy and be happy with.

I'm also interested in writing stories somewhat similar to that of Air, Kanon and Clannad.

But at the moment, i am really thinking about a fantasy epic in the form of final fantasy. Perhaps the way I'm writing it would be considered a reboot of the series, something that would hopefully be appreciated by the fans of some of the ps1 final fantasy titles as well as people that are new to the series.

I really like the idea of adding lots of emotion in the story and making the player/reader seem as though they are the main character and feel what they feel which is something i believe is missing most in stories and only experienced to a great degree in some final fantasy games and also the clannad movie.
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26 / M
Posted 10/31/10 , edited 11/1/10
i write when im in the mood.. because i of those things i see or heard..
I even prefer to write in a place where i am th only person on that place..
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22 / F / Under your bed ;D
Posted 10/23/11 , edited 10/23/11
I write when I feel like it. I get my inspiration from various things. (movies, music, books etc.) And sometimes my life experiences motivates me to write.
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43 / M / ohio
Posted 10/24/11 , edited 10/25/11
Well lets see

a) violence (what would happen if your sister was brutally murdered etc) (i know that sounds bad but think of the last book you read)
b) the what if game (what would happen if..........)
c) AMV (Bleach, one piece etc)[One Piece] HD ~ *The Second Chance* FULL AMV, A Thousand Miles Per Second [Animazement 2009 Winner]
d) books i read
e) news (wow there is a good one)
f) watching people
g) music (DubStep etc)
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33 / M / Wisconsin
Posted 10/25/11 , edited 10/26/11
I haven't written much, but I'm motivated to relieve stress and use my writing as a way to overcome an obstacle I'm experiencing.
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26 / F / Valenzuela City
Posted 10/31/11 , edited 10/31/11
My inspiration to write is my self experience when im down and bored. thats the time that I can write whats on my mind.
Posted 11/2/11 , edited 11/2/11
I don't really write, I just daydream.
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34 / M / Canada
Posted 11/26/11 , edited 11/27/11
TV shows, movies, comics, videogames etc.
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25 / M
Posted 11/30/11 , edited 12/1/11
I have to be honest Ghost in the shell has inspired me to write code and write many stories about worlds that are bound to end do to a way to developed world that only ends in the death of every thing around all galaxy's.
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31 / M
Posted 12/1/11 , edited 12/1/11
What motivates me to write is watching good anime and real life events. I think that my friends are a big influence too, but Inuyasha and DBZ are the foundation of my inspiration
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Posted 12/15/11 , edited 12/16/11
Good music.
A good day.
Posted 12/16/11 , edited 12/17/11
Boredom, I guess.
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F / Texas
Posted 1/28/12 , edited 1/28/12
Reading all kinds of books. Having others to write with me. Observing everyday life. Watching movies and so forth.
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37 / M
Posted 2/8/12 , edited 2/9/12
If I come across an interesting series

- NCIS: Los Angeles
- Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
- Fairy Tail
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