Rules & Regulations
Posted 7/25/09 , edited 7/28/09

Rules & Regulation

1. PG- 13 comments and responses only
2. No Godmodding
3. No MarySue Characters
4. No one-liners
5. Follow the Roleplay Guidelines
6. Only make a character if your planning to use it
7. Stay Active
8. Invite Your Friends
9. Don't Spam Us
10. Don't be rude
11. Wait to be accepted before you roleplay



There are many types of Godmodders. The most commonly thought of are those who are all powerfull, and never get hit, and never miss their target. FEH. Well, in fact there are many other types of godmodders, and even multiple spellings for the word. Lets watch!

Types of Godmodders:
The people who never miss a single shot no matter how hard it is (Aimbotters).
The people who can't be hit or just shrug it off (god-moders).
The people who never are without a weapon and ammo (idkfa-ers).
The people who have absurdly strong powers (twinks).
The people who 'balance' thier characters by having a massive but irrelevant weakness and massive powers (min-maxers).
The people who use Out Of Character knowledge to get an edge (Miss Cleos).
The people who do things in hindsight (McFlys).
The people who RP other people's characters for them (Puppetmasters).
The people who RP completely irrelevant things (Daydreamers).
The people who RP actions and time against others while the others aren't present OOC, but are IC (Shoe elves).
The people who ignore or alter RPs that they don't like (Revisionists).
The people who RP an absurdly time consuming sequence occuring between other people's actions (Speedhackers).
The people who play as characters that are completely impossible (Oxymorons).
The people who arbitrarily declare themselves the winner with instant death attacks (Baghdad Bobbits).
The people who've taken actions before they start RPing (Gaseous Snakes).
The people who pull-in elements that were approved in an unrelated RP (Augustines).
The people who use an existing persona and only RP them when it helps (Batmen).
The people who alter thier character as needed for the situation (Zoicite).
The people who declare thier IC threads safe, but readily attack others (NIMBYs).
The people who gain abilities as they need them with no prior exposure (Trinities).
The people who pick-up things that spawn from seemingly nowhere (Quakers).

written by: psychology on mangafox

Mary Sues:

We are human, we have flaws and we make mistakes we are no perfect nor close to perfect. No one wants to have an over achiever who is loved by everyone. Everyone has a secret everyone has a flaw, including made up characters.
- starstruck

A Mary Sue (sometimes just Sue), in literary criticism and particularly in fanfiction, is a fictional character with overly idealized and hackneyed mannerisms, lacking noteworthy flaws, and primarily functioning as wish-fulfillment fantasies for their authors or readers. Perhaps the single underlying feature of all characters described as "Mary Sues" is that they are too ostentatious for the audience's taste, or that the author seems to favor the character too highly. The author may seem to push how exceptional and wonderful the "Mary Sue" character is on his or her audience, sometimes leading the audience to dislike or even resent the character fairly quickly; such a character could be described as an "author's pet".

"Mary Sues" can be either male or female, but male characters are often dubbed "Gary Stu", "Marty Stu", or similar names.[1] While the label "Mary Sue" itself originates from a parody of this type of character, most characters labeled "Mary Sues" by readers are not intended by authors as such.

taken from: Wikipedia


Here are a few examples of one-liners we've seen in all the sections:
Reason will be provide as to why it is seen as a one-liner.

Beginner Sec.

Bee hugged him tight, "Change of subject; I love you, so much." Bee said in his chest, "Osrry, if its a little blunt..."
Edited: As a new change, we will no longer accept anything less than two sentences.

He sighs, "Lily, it's up to you...."
Still in attack mode he waits for her reply
Spliting the sentence up does not make it acceptable. If you plan on making it two full sentences then write two full sentences.

raxxus growled, but handed ko his arm. "fine."

Zeke looked ko and smiled "hey." he said simply. "sorry I ran out on you guys like that."
Same goes for this.

i sighed again and stood up. i picked up my sheos and started to walk back to the school, taking my time about it.
Same as example one.

Intermediate Sec.

Saji looked after here when she left then started mumbling when he realised he had no idea where his quarters where, he put the plate in the kitchen and then went to get hi Mc helmet.

Two sentences is allow in the Beginner sec. But not the Intermediate Sec.

" but i think it´s usual to loose both when you face your arch enemy.. to be true.. i saw visions of my past.. from sephiroth.. and well.. i could see clouds eyes.. believe me.. they weren´t nice at all.." he told her silently
Same goes for this.

(Nishi still had his eyes closed and his head bowed as Daisuke spoke to him. He did not wish to speak to anybody, so he just pointed in the direction of the volcano, where everyone was headed)
Please leave......
(in his mind, he gave him 10 seconds)

Again, splitting the sentence up does not make it acceptable. And since this is the Intermediate Sec. there should be a paragraph or two.

- taken from Consequences of posting ONE-LINERS,posted by: .Passionata

No one wants to read oneline and expect to be able to write a paragraph in response.I'm not asking of you to write an massive paragraph, I'm asking of you to put more thought into your writing. We are making a story every single one of us, if one writer doesn't pull his weight, it brings the rest of us down. So basically:

Beginner Roleplay
minimum: 2 sentences - full sentences, none of this splitting it up stuff.

Intermediate/Elite Roleplay
minimum: 4 sentences - full sentences, proper grammar

Advance Roleplay
minimum: 6 sentences - full sentences, proper grammar and punctuation

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