Rob Thomas' Cradlesong
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Rob Thomas - Cradlesong

1. "Her Diamonds"
2. "Gasoline"
3. "Give Me the Meltdown"
4. "Someday"
5. "Mockingbird"
6. "Real World '09"
7. "Fire On the Mountain"
8. "Hard On You"
9. "Still Ain't Over You"
10. "Natural"
11. "Snowblind"
12. "Wonderful"
13. "Cradlesong"
14. "Getting Late"
15. "Little Wonders"
16. "Sleep Till the War Is Over"
17. "Believe"
18. "Years From Now"
19. "Remembered Well"
20. "Overrun"

I personally love the entire album. My favorite tracks are Her Diamonds, Gasoline, Mockingbird, Real World '09, Hard On You, Still Ain't Over You, Snowblind, Wonderful, Little Wonders and Years From Now

What do you guys think of Rob Thomas' latest album
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Posted 9/23/09
I love this album! I used to listen to Matchbox 20 and when they split I thought that Rob Thomas couldn't be even a shade of the previous band, but he's proved that he can be even better!
Her diamonds is really a touchy song and I can't resist to listen to it all the time. I recommend this album to everyone and I hope no one would mind to put a link where this album can be downloaded on discount.

New Rob Thomas CD
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Posted 1/12/10
OP has nuked. All you out there are free and welcome to recreate this thread.
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