Decaying temple West of the ruined castle
Posted 7/26/09
*west of the decaying castle is the decaying temple, where most traveling searching for help visit, and in return give sun knights work, in hopes of reclaiming formal Glory. and to spread there faith of the sun god. numerous types of missions can be acquired here.Your mission giver is High priest Reverend chidori*

*Types of missions* - can be performed alone, or with a group.

Elimination - eliminate a set amount of enemy's

Scouting - scout a specific area and return to the mission giver

assassination - kill one target without alerting others, two types of assassination mission
- specific death - must kill target specified by the mission giver.
- unspecific death - can kill anyway.anywhere

- must travel to location and guard specific target from enemy attack, and must keep its health in mind

siege - is put in command of a squad, or force and must command them to invade certain strategic areas, fails if certain amount of men die.

Recapture - An Ally's civilization, country, or region has been captured you must invade the land and get it back to the ally by any means necessary

Reinforcement - Two groups are about to go to battle, one ally, and one neutral, the sun order doesn't want to attack the neutral group, so they simply send a knight to the ally group to act as the trainer, strengthening fortifications, training men to able fighters and warriors, teaching them the skills needed to win any battle.

sabotage - two enemy's who are Ally's to each other, have a meeting together, the sun knights orders is to simply cause chaos on one side of the meeting, and make it seem like the other is at blame. causing both of them to brake alliance, leaving openings for the sun order to invade and crush.

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