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Filipino teenagers abroad..
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22 / F / Ontario, Canada
Posted 8/17/09
I just moved here in Canada a year ago.....................
It is hard to "fit in" because their culture is different from ours.......
The way the kids here of my age act is quite different, so, I am having quite a hard time right now . But I do have friends
Everyone in my school thought that I was Chinese on the first day of school, but I kept explaining that I was Filipino.......
Well, a year has passed and nothing has really changed in the way I act..........
My mom cooks sinigang, adobo, nilaga, etc, (I just had mechado hehehehehe) for lunch and for dinner.....
Me and my family still keeps our values in mind..........


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28 / M / In the panties of...
Posted 8/18/09
I'm in Singapore now studying... Staying here is giving me a major restraint... I didn't bothered to fit it as I believe it was totally pointless... Luckily I come back to Phils once in awhile to feel that filipino vibe....
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24 / F / Secret...
Posted 8/24/09
Naiinis ako sa mga ganong tao. Iibahin nila yung sarili nila para sa iba. Yung iba ang aarte!
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21 / F / in SHINee and DBS...
Posted 9/3/09
uhhmmm.........i've been living in vietnam 4 4 years now...
i dnt change my ways or personality jzt 2 fit in cuz i'm jzt happy 4 what or who i am....
b4 i used to hate vietnam..but now i realized it's like my own home...(but of course i luv phils the best!!..)
other teenagers dnt need to change anything...(unless it's necessary)
other people would like u jzt 4 who u r.....if they dnt like u then so what?..u've still got ur family and ur friends (or new frends) there w/ u......
it's better to stay that way u r or else u'll end up regretting it........
i think you should be kind,honest,friendly,caring,luving and nice if u wnt to hve new friends without changing a behaviour.......
so...,never change that filipina/filipino attitude!!!....
luv others and they will luv u....
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24 / M / underwater with b...
Posted 9/3/09
well some try to act cool where i live but some can be too much that it gets annoying.
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23 / F / Planet Earth
Posted 9/4/09
Well all in all i guess it all depends on who it is. Some Filipinos here in america are just really trying to fit in and change themselves so they won't be different from everyone else (yeah some filipino's in my school) but some are proud to be a filipino like they dont care, because being a filipino makes them unique and sets them apart from everybody else. It's fun to run on some random filipino at the mall/ restaurant whereever and say "Kababayan!!! Musta na???" XD (well, my parents do -.-")Philippines is the best country ever! i wanna come back there and be surrounded with my peoples XD, for the filipino's that are living in the philippines right now be thankful cuz you could eat in jollibee/ chow king/ goldilocks or the deliciousness of the street foods XD.
Well anyways some filipinos here tries to fit in (or they already fit in -.-") not just the teenagers but adults too. They're trying to hide and just change themselves. Sadly.
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23 / M
Posted 9/4/09
uy, hindi aku ganun ah. I've only been here in NZ for 2 years but i don't think I'm gonna change just to fit in. my best friend is pinoy and i still eat rice and adobo not mashed potatoes and grilled lamb or something like that. and i embrace my asianess unlike that korean in my class who keeps saying he's not asian when he obviously is. i'm like the weirdo in my class and i have no intention of blending in cuz im perfectly happy of who i am. and i still keep my hair in asian hairstyles even if the people in my class think that i look so weird.
Posted 9/5/09
it depends with the people you hang out with
Posted 9/5/09 , edited 9/5/09
I can understand that...

Pero pag Nasa-Pinas o kinakausap nila ang ibang Filipinos in a bad manner and very proud of him/herself is unacceptable.

Hindi rin ako ganun.... I've been in NY for about 2 Years now.
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27 / F
Posted 9/10/09
i was listening to the radio show on iTunes i forgot the name but Charmagne Cutler was on it, shes pretty known in the Bay area here in California, shes filipino and salvadorian.. she used to live in the philippines..

she said that when she was in the philippines girls in her school used to bully her and pick on her, she was not one of the popular kids and she just always felt different.. she said when she came to america she just blended right in.. on her hs graduation she got voted most popular..

she also said a lot of people think she's changed , she said "i havent changed at all, my personality is the same i never try to blend in i tend to stand out. The personality that got me always feeling indiifferent is what got me to the top"

this is her:

Posted 9/16/09
It's not trying to fit in if you adopt to another culture. It's about accepting that your traditions and beliefs isn't relevant to that particular culture. My parents are both mixed and apart from my family I don't know a lot of filos so obviously I never grew up in a typical filo household so I find it highly ignorant and arrogant for filos to come up to me and start commenting on why I don't act filo. When we lived in Filoland we were brought up as americans and when we moved to Sydney we lived in a predominantly Italian/Australian neighbourhood. I believe that you become what you are exposed to. And no I'm not sad that I'm not typically filo, I'm proud of who I am as a person. I may not belong to any cultural group but it's terribly boring trying to fit in anyway.
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26 / F / Las Vegas, NV
Posted 9/21/09
I still think it's better to try in fit in... of course, not including the bad stuff that other people do. That's much better than trying to speak in Tagalog when your Filipino friends speak in English, right?
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115 / F / Mercury (worst pl...
Posted 9/21/09
I'm from in Canada. Sad to say as a Filipina I do not speak fluently in any other language other than English. I know some Japanese words, French words. But for Tagalog or Bisaia. it's almost zero. I know like only 5 words!!! T_T It's so sad my other filipina friends know tagalog and can speak it but I always feel left out!!
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22 / F / Under the same sk...
Posted 9/22/09
I've never gone abroad...but you shouldn't try to lose all those values our culture teaches us, I know its going to be scary and its going to feel different. But as Jose Rizal says," Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinangalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan."
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28 / M / In la la la land
Posted 9/25/09
heh, i've been in the states for 5 years now, and I can tell, I changed almost everything about me, dress, manners, talk, etc. pero syempre in the insides, pinoy pa rin ako ( eventhough I look like an asian now ) so yeah, go pinoys! ung mga kakadating lang pala sa states, san kayo sa states? gala tayo! add me pala kung nagustuhan nyo ung speech ko
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