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Filipino teenagers abroad..
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25 / bOx
Posted 10/18/10
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24 / F
Posted 10/29/10
it depends den dun sa tao. XD
bt majority, mentality of pinoys kse sa ibang bansa "LIFE IS EASY"
like pag yung mommy/daddy na nsa abroad, pabili ng pabili.
so filipino mentality den un. na madali lnd d2 sa ibang bansa. i used to thnk that, but now tht im here in the USA, deym. hnd tinatae ang dollars! OMGassh. so sometimes tlga ppl change.
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25 / F / outer space
Posted 11/17/10
I agree that people who have gone abroad have changed their way of life slightly, but doesn't everyone do that? Not just to fit in, or convenience, but because you're surrounded by that culture that it becomes absorbed into people and it's sort of inevitable.
I've been in New Zealand for most of my life, I came here when I was 5, and we had to adapt our lives here,
it isn't like Philippines where everyone spoke the same language as us, or acted the same way, they had different customs that we had to adjust.
I admit, our roots are mainly based on our Filo heritage, but a good sense of balance. like a balanced adaptation to both the new country and filo traditions are a healthy combination.
I have met girls that have come to NZ and have fully adapted to the kiwi lifestyle, speaking for experience, most of the time, it is easier to blend, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. There are still racial prejudice against us, we're always grouped with the Koreans, Chinese and Japanese (not saying there's nothing wrong with Chinese, Korean and Japanese), but we're automatically the butt of every joke. People are so ignorant and automatically think we can't drive.
I was getting my restricted the other day, the assessor automatically judged me when he first saw me, we hadn't even got in the car and he had made his mind up that he would fail me. They stereotype us, the more you look less Asian, the easier it is.
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F / philippines
Posted 11/18/10
i think they trying to fit in .. but there is some Filipinos are like that tryng to change the filipino values..
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Posted 11/27/10
heey, of course we need to fit in if we go to the other country.,.. do u think that they are the one who will fit in just for us..? we are the one visiting there country so we should follow there culture.... but we shouldn't forget ours.. I mean, if we went back to the phil, we shud speak in tagalog... don't use the "I forgot how to speak tagalog anymore" as an excuse... u went there in other country when u are already teen so it's impossible to forget ur own mother tongue.. some of them just one to be noticed or look cool... but no, just to tell you the truth, you don't look cool at all... you look stupid...
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30 / M / your heart..
Posted 11/28/10
fitting is normal if your growing up in another country....I was born in the phils but came to Australia when I was 6 so really didn't get to know of my filo roots yet I could probably tell you everything there is to know of Australia. That's just how it is and I'm proud to be called an Australian as well as a pinoy.

I guess the good thing about here is that racism and stereotypes died back in the 80's. Not that it's completely gone as there are still a few Caucasians who class us as your typical Asians, but its probably not as bad as other countries...
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28 / F / Where the city me...
Posted 12/1/10
I've lived in the US for more than 10 years. Now i'm currently living here in the PH to study.
To be honest, i don't like how things run here. I'm talking about when you're getting in line just to deposit money, enrolling at school, etc. It takes SOOO damn long just to get things done, and i'm not even kidding. Maybe it's because i'm used to how fast things go in the US. I'm still not adjusted with how laggy it is here. I also dislike some filipinos. Idk, they just have this filipino personality that i dislike. Maybe its because most of the people i encounter are way too judgemental. They also have this crab mentality, if you know what i mean.

But looking at the bright side, I love the food here. I love Makati (my favorite place in manila). I love the high-end places that i've been to so far. Everything that has a touch of foreign, i like. xD
Although, some of the places looks a bit "Exagg" (exaggerated), i still love how they put so much effort to make the location look like a good place to hang out. So that's pretty much one of the reasons why i'm proud to be a filipino. heh.
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26 / M
Posted 12/9/10
well first and foremost you r not in Philippines you woulnt wash your butt with water in america!! if your a resident of a country you should embrace it cuz u liv in it, but with saying that keep up some great aspects of a filipino
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30 / M / San juan, Daranga...
Posted 12/10/10
they have lost the spirit of our country in short they have corrupted souls.An infection to our mother land someday we shall rid this foreign disease
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31 / M / Where the Buffalo...
Posted 12/16/10 , edited 12/16/10
Drinking Tanduay and smoking Weed while riding a "Motorela" going to your High School Alma mater's foundation day is the one thing I miss the most and planning to do it again someday.
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21 / F
Posted 12/25/10
we are about to migrate in US, after one year..
as I observe, nagiging feeling na talaga mga filipino teens na nagmimigrate..
maganda naman maging simple lng, as you are at kung ano ka Pinas..
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27 / M / In your head.
Posted 12/27/10
Depends on the people themselves afaik. Kids these days have really more mature minds than their age so it depends how they cope with stresses that are thrown to them, and yes the manner in which they were brought up comes into play, As for me I know that kids who grew up in the Philippines have more manners than kids who grew up abroad.But for those who only migrate...well..I think they just dont want to have a hard time..I think there's a big difference it fitting in and blending in so some kids want to fit in while some just want to blend..

Just dont be to harsh on yourselves.kay?
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23 / F / In my happy place
Posted 1/17/11
I agree somewhat. I see them all the time at the airport, buying expensive things they really don't need or wearing winter clothes even in the Philippines to look sophisticated. It's somewhat present in our Filipino community here in Japan since most kids here have been living here for 9 years (I've only lived in Japan for 5 years) and they've forgotten how to speak filipino (or if they do, they have a really obvious accent) and they're very Americanized. However, they do show pinoy traits such as being polite to parents/elders/superiors/etc, and they're very nice and intelligent. There are a few exceptions though
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23 / M
Posted 1/19/11
Hi guys! Nag-google ng "Filipino teenagers living in Canada" at ito ang unang link ng website ang napindot ko, so sa kadahilanang gusto kong mag-tanong at mag-share, napa-sign up ako. :)

So ganto yung, Im a filipino living here in SK, Canada. July 7 2010 kami nag-migrate dito, grade 9 (14 y/o) ako sa school dito, pero sa sobrang LUCKY ko(sarcasm), AKO LANG ang PINOY sa school namin. ANg hirap mag-adjust at ang hirap mag-fit in! Simpe lang naman ang mga teenagers dito sa SK, pero ang hirap paring makibagay at mag-fit in. Im very silent, at hindi ako makapag-approach sa mga kaklase ko (bcoz of nahihiya ako), unang una na sa liit kong ito 5'5 and half at lalake pa ako, nakakawalang kompiyansa, although nakakasabay ako sa kanila sa academics, so bakit ganun.

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21 / F / here...there...ev...
Posted 1/21/11
isnt the word migration come in the same category as "change"
i migrated in UK and i havent lost my 'pinoy side' even though i can barely talk in pinoy (cause i moved here in the UK when i was 5) but here we have a pinoy community so it doesnt really change anything :/ x
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