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Which guy do you prefer coupled with Kanae (Moko-san)?
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Posted 9/15/09 , edited 9/16/09
Hiou come on is there anyone else ?!!
:DD haha
Posted 10/9/09 , edited 10/9/09
Hiou for sure! I agree!
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Posted 10/12/09 , edited 10/12/09
Hiou is 12, he's not even sexually mature yet. =P

Quote: However, Uesugi Hiou, 12 years old, only looks like he is a 2nd or 3rd grader. From chapter 120.

That's soo pedophilia. O.o;; And illegal in Japan. Moko-chan is 16-17. Still illegal.

Wait for the character age before thinking about children with teenagers... O.o;;

That's like saying a 10 year old should be paired with an 3 year old. O.o;; They aren't even mature enough to think such things.

I've also seen people try to match her with Yashiro, but he's married! With kids! O.o;; Uhhh....

I think Moko-chan can do better than anyone on that list.
Posted 10/15/09 , edited 10/16/09
Hiou im rooting for the little guy
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