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The World Ends With You
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24 / M / With Lucina
Posted 9/23/12
it's a great game, hoping that it will get a sequel for the 3DS or DS, I don't care as long as it happens for either of them lol
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21 / M / Tennessee
Posted 10/5/12
There was talk from the creators about a Wii sequel. They said something to the effect of "it would be a shame if this was the last we heard of The World Ends With You!" Of course, that was years ago... if they were to go through with it, it'd have to be on the Wii-U... which could actually be kind of interesting, because it has a two-screen thing going on like the DS does. Although it'd be even harder to look at both at once in that setup...
I'd really love it if Square were to develop some of their less well-known titles like this... some of the best RPGs of all time are one-or two game series that have never really been expanded on.
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26 / M / Guess! Still don'...
Posted 10/16/12
Awesome game! Really dramatic and the story makes you want to continue the game just to find out what happens next!!! Beat it already...
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26 / F / Rapture
Posted 12/4/12
Well it was on my list of things to get. After reading through 8 pages I guess I need to bump it up to the top of the list!
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19 / F
Posted 12/19/12
The World Ends With You is the best DS game! I love the music and the story and the characters!
Posted 12/21/12
game was cool. downloaded it onto my R4i but after playing a few hours, went to bed, woke up, played, realized data was not saved. Damn. That was only to today TT__TT

any good website with ds games for download that actually works?

eztv for tv shows!
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23 / F / Earth
Posted 12/26/12
I really hope they come out with a sequel to The World Ends With You. Everyone who played the game loved it, and there was much hype of a sequel when they released the iPhone version.
Posted 1/19/13
OK.....this is probably going to sound bad, but i just wanna clarify; no, I haven't actually PLAYED this game, so my opinions aren't 100% concrete arguments.....That being said, there's a reason I don't want to play it...

The battle system.
Honestly, can someone tell me why- OH WHY?- Square Enix went with THIS, but not anything else? I understand if they wanted to implement the Dual-screen capabilities of the DS, but.....why not a battle system that allows combat on ground AND in the air? It could happen. Ground combat takes up the bottom screen while the upper screen allows flying enemies to attack you....BUT, you can then use a flying move that allows you to take 'em on. Wouldn't that be sweet?! I mean, you could even make your own strategies and use really interesting combos with that; switching between the air and the ground while using combo chains. Honestly, that sounds WAY cooler than the frustrating idea of controlling TWO characters at one time, doesn't it?
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23 / M / Stalking the stal...
Posted 1/19/13
This game was so good back when I played it years ago, I'm glad its getting the attention it deserves
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32 / F / Philadelphia, PA
Posted 2/11/13
I loved it, was not truly thrilled with the ending, but as far as endings go it wasn't terrible.

It was a beautiful game. Combat sucked a little (how many of you honestly fought with both characters for most of the game?)

Still playing through the extras.
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23 / F / [email protected]
Posted 3/7/13
Loved it.
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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 4/10/13
I LOVED THIS GAME! But I deleted it after several failed attempts to defeat the final boss. :(
Moon Princess Moderator
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28 / F / Heaven
Posted 4/13/13
OP nuked.

If you would like to recreate, feel free to do so.

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