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Posted 7/29/09 , edited 7/29/09
Some people liked it, some preferred not to like it.

I look at this movie as an alternate story of how the Dragonball universe is played out. I personally thought as a fan of Dragonball since the beginning that the movie portrayed a wonderful different universe of the whole Dragonball franchise. I look at the movie not labeled as a "Dragonball movie," but a movie with the Dragonball characters.

I enjoyed it for what the movie was; a child friendly, family oriented Dragonball film.

There were of course some of the anime/manga characters personalities followed over to the series moved based onto the Dragonball franchise that made some fan service possible and made it more enjoyable.

I will be getting the DVD and will with out doubt enjoy the movie to it's full potential.

So... what are some of your thoughts on this movie?
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Posted 7/6/10 , edited 7/7/10
I thought it was pretty decent. My expectations were really low when I heard Goku would be in High School, so that was probably why I liked it.
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Posted 11/11/16 , edited 11/11/16
it was sexy
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