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Posted 7/29/09
Note: The following takes place after Sonic Unleashed A.K.A Sonic World Adventure. Spoilers may be revealed later in the story.


Dawn broke the silence of the night, birds chirped happily among the cloudless sky. Each blade of grass was tipped in morning due, making them appear so fragile, That they might all shatter on the first step of a new day. The trees whispered silently among themselves, as if keeping secrets from the untamed ears of the night.

Light and ghost like, he felt the presence of another being. A soft breath was heard behind the rough bark of an oak tree. Sun beams danced on the leaves, and bark of the tall and majestic oak. All the same, his curiosity burned and he took in no notice of the performance that was shown. Staring, he approached slowly being cautious not to frighten whoever lay behind the protective branches and leaves.

Closer now, he began to see a shadow emerge from behind the thick bulk of the oak. Each step he took, gave a low sound of crunching leaves. And, because of the burning rays of the sun, His outline shone blue, and he glowed slightly.

The shadow of the being moved in unease, taking a fluent step backward.

Emerald eyes, bright and filled to the brim with curiosity, he glanced down at the shadow the being had cast. They, whoever they were appeared to be on four legs, a bushy tail was out stretched, and seemed to be swaying lightly in the breeze. Their breath was steady and even.

They, were silently watching as well, watching the blue figure as he approached. His outline glowing blue as the ocean on a perfect day. Angelic in their movement, the being swiftly, and silently, started to retreat into the bushes.

"Wait!" He said hesitantly. Arm out toward the creature.

The being stood, back still turned. Fur blown lightly in the breeze. Their ears twitching at the sound of each tiny noise, awaiting his questions.

He smiled then took a puzzled expression as he asked the being,"Who are you?"

Obviously feminine, the being replied, a smile clear in their voice, "Follow me, and I'll tell you...
... Sonic the hedgehog"
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