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Posted 7/30/09 , edited 7/30/09
Comedy,Romance,Shoujo,Sports,School Life The Five STARS!!!!!! Characters played by...Kiki,a.k.a sakurabelongstonarutoKyoko,aka CandyroxRikiku a.k.a secret on my fave friends Kiseki a.k.a Kris155

On one morning a teen girl named Kiki was getting ready for her first year of High School.Then Kiki said,YES MY FIRST FLIPPIN YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see Kiseki.......Kiseki *frounds*Oh yeah i'm so dumb he said he wasn't going to be here for our first year of High School......then Kiki started to cry but only a little.Then Kiki said,I should call him.....[brring brring].Then the answer machine answered and said,[Please take a message after the beep]beep.Kiseki HEY it's Kiki are you there!!!!!!!!.........*Kiki hangs up and Kiseki i miss u =(!!!!So then Kiki finally finished and headed off to school.YO EVERYONE!!!!!!!KIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!![everyone yelled even the guys well mostly they whistled wooh woo].Hey Kiki.Ya Kyoko.We have a new girl and she seems mean.Don't judge her Kyoko.Has she done anything to you?But.No buts has she?Nooo.Then don't judge her ok.Ok anything for you Kiki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then during free time after school Kyoko and Kiki[b.f.f's]Were walking home togeather and saw the girl from the smorning.Then these guys grabbed her and put her up against the wall.HEY GET AWAY FROM HER!!!!!!!Said,Kyoko.Then Kyoko tryed to save the day and got slammed up against the wall too.WAT IS YOUR GUYS PROBLEM!!!!!!!!Said,Kiki.Don't mess with my friends losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wait Li isn't that Kiki!!!!!!!!Oh shoot it is run!!!!!!!Looks like my name is going around.Your Kiki!!!![the new girl said]Nice too meet you I'm Hikaru I'm a big fan!!!!!!!!And yet I'm not famous.Too these people you are.You could say that.Um....Kiki may I have your autograpgh.Hikaru uh I'm not exactley..PLEASE!!!!!!!O.k fine it wouldn't kill me.Hey look freshman Kiki is sighning autograpghs!!!!EH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally all that sighning is over ^^.I know i bet your hand hurts.Nope it doesnt actually eheh.....I miss Kiseki do u Kyoko hey Kyoko can I call u Kyo-Chan I've been meaning to ask u that?Ofcourse as long as i can call u Ki-chan.Ofcouse Kyo-chan eheh.So wats been going on lately?Nothin really wbu Ki-chan.Me either HEY u wanna come over to my house Kyo-chan?!Yap eheh!Come on Ill beat u!C,mon lets go in my backyard well do homework later K.Ya lets go! I see u have ur highbar still.Yap see look Ill jump it!!Hmm AH!eheh see.Yap well its getting pretty late u should head home.Okay.I can walk u home if u want.Okay that works to.[15 minutes later]Bye I Cant wait til tommorow i heard we will have a new student,thats cool dont u think Kyo-chan.Uhuh see ya tommorow![next morning]Okay class I would like u to meet Rikiku Uchiha!Nice to meetcha.WOOH![said the all the girls]

Hey Folks thats it for Chapter 1 hope u enjoyed it!
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