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Thoughts on Amu's 5TH Egg Rumor .
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Posted 12/6/09
I don't think she'll get a new Shugo Chara. I mean, I think they want to keep the cards theme.
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Posted 12/6/09
i reckon it wont happen since shugo chara is ending this month anyway
Posted 12/7/09

jenapanese wrote:

WELL , i hope that i'm not too late on the news about Amu having a 5th egg . i read/heard about this a few months ago, but i just want to hear other people's thoughts about it . here's what i think about the rumor :

to be honest, i don't really wanna see amu with another new chara &__&;
she already has like , 4 , and the others only have 1 , 2 or 3 .
i realize that she's the main character, but it cant just be all about her *___*;
it's not AMU'S CHARA ! it's SHUGO CHARA ! &you all know that, but im just pointing it out .

Dia's already a mystery, so i don't think the creators want to over-do it ~___~ ;
If there's gonna be new charas, they should go ahead and make a new chara bearer,
along with the new chara , [if that makes sense] , instead of putting it all on amu #__# .
( give her a break man ! if there's any new charas going on, give em to me ! )'x )

but again, whatever happens, happens .
this is only my opinion, so if this 5th chara
thingy doesn't happen, please dont get all mad >___< ;
it's the creators' decision &we'll have to respect it ^__^ ;

SO, what do you guys think about this ?!

^ there's alot of others cards like this, so i think this is only a
dress - up card for amu, along with the others
&__& ;

speaking of cards .... i have some shugo chara cards 30 of them and i can't believe i have the easter boss( sry if its broken singlish )
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