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Post Reply Movies you wish you never have seen?
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22 / M / San Diego, CA
Posted 2/6/14
Blank Check, Fantastic Four, The Bachelor (film with Chris O Donnell)
Posted 2/23/14
The Village
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21 / M / Ontario, Canada
Posted 2/23/14
Posted 2/23/14 , edited 2/24/14
A Good Day to Die Hard
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Burn After Reading
Red 2
After The Dark

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Kill Bill: Vol. 2
Planet Terror
Inglourious Basterds
Django Unchained

The Twilight Saga: New Moon
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2
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Posted 2/24/14
I generally don't tend to regret movies, even the bad ones, but....
Scary Movie it completely ruined Scream for me (not to mention it was god-awful).
Sadako 3D (an absolute mockery of the source material).
The Last Airbender (no explanation needed for this one).
The Lightning Thief (waste of my money and a disappointment so I hate it even more).
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20 / M
Posted 2/24/14
Dragon Ball Evolution
Batman and Robin
Superman 4
Baby Geniuses
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24 / M / Canada
Posted 2/24/14
Ender's Game. it was a bust, not a total bust.. it looked good, Hugo and Han gave good performances but it was made for twelve year olds y'know.. read the books but stay away from this movie.

there was so many discrepancies that I was more than a little put-off by the whole thing.
-Bean was never part of Ender's launch group.
-in Shadow of the Giant, it is clearly stated more than once that Caliph Alai is black, so black that his inner circle of generals and advisors and what not call him "Black Dog" behind his back.. but the guy playing Alai just looks arabian, did they even read Shadow of the Giant??
-Dap was a total militant jerk, him barking at Ender like that was not part of his character in the book (iirc)
-Ender only started taking self-defense classes after Bonzo picked on him, not before.
-the guy who played Bonzo in this movie was such a shrimp, it was laughable... I think he was smaller than Bean! Throughout his 15-20 minutes of screen time, he tries so hard to act intimidating that I just wanna jersey him and throw him down the stairs.
-Petra was never in Dragon army.
-my biggest pet peeve of all... Bernard was never in Ender's jeesh but for some reason they decided to make him part of Ender's jeesh for the movie (smh), I mean in the book his character was just a skid mark, a smear of poo, unlikeable and repelling. On top of that they decided to leave out Hot Soup, Carn Carby, Crazy Tom, etc., etc.... I was like WTF?
-speaking of jeesh, the use of battle school slang was so weird, at least in the book it's explained but in the movie Bean just says, "Ho, Ender." and if you never read the book you'd probably be like, "Did he just call him a hoe?".
-one last one, they botched the ending.. Ender goes on to Shakespeare (Colony 1) with Valentine and it's there that he finds the last Hive Queen egg, not on Eros, I was like, "yaaa-no.".
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32 / M
Posted 2/26/14
Ultraviolet...W T F
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25 / F / Canada
Posted 2/27/14 , edited 2/27/14
Recently watched "Winter's Tale" in theatres a couple of days ago. It was awful! I was so bored! The whole thing was a tad too philosophical for my liking.

I think this movie was worse than "Drinking Buddies"... and I remember mentioning that movie in this thread before haha. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, I used my scene points to watch this movie so I got in for free! Phew, no money wasted :)
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28 / M / Texas
Posted 2/28/14 , edited 2/28/14
Johan Hex. I still want my DOLLAR BACK from the red box !!!

They ruined one of my favorite DC comic book heroes, apparently when they made this movie they had clearly never seen a John Wayne or Clint Eastwood Flim, and the write never read anything by louis l'amour.

it was a horrible remake of wild wild west instead of anything like Johan Hex's comics witch feel like reading a Louis l'amour book, with a few comic elements thrown in here and there but not many, and not even going by that the movie was AWFUL on its OWN, i would rather watch Batman & Robin or even the Last Air Bender again.
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20 / Anime
Posted 3/10/14 , edited 3/10/14
Requim for a Dream and The Ring..... bc disturbing -_-

and also LOL because waste of my time, pure shit lmao
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Posted 3/22/14
Hachiko still gave me the tears whenever I remember it
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21 / M / California
Posted 3/22/14
Howard The Duck haha
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20 / Pennsylvania
Posted 3/25/14 , edited 3/25/14
Twight was not worth wasting a 2 dollars at red box
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Posted 3/30/14
Spider-Man 3 and Indiana Jones 4
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