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Posted 7/30/09

According to kakaka @, ah Fung sang 16 songs during the concert, including:
Tonight, Love to search for you in memories, If the time has arrived, Illusion (music only), Realise (start of music only), Turning Point, Love without regrets, Original Sin, Change to another way of loving you, Friend, please don’t be sad, Remember to forget (duet with fans), Forget Pain, Lover and Sea, Let’s Get Wet, Please take care of yourself (clips shown on screen) and Love to search for you in memories (again).

Raymond was moved to tears by Viet fans
(Zing) The Hong Kong star was very touched when some of the fans went on stage to sing along with him; he spread open his arms to give them a big hug.

With his good look image and the gentle songs, the handsome singer from Hong Kong had a memorable night on July 22, 2009 with an audience of nearly 4,000 people.

The Saigon Exhibition Convention Center, for the first time, had become a place for an ideal performance for a particular program – a performance that was not as energetic and loud as Rain Bi’s nor was it as calm as Louis Koo’s performance at Lan Anh Center a few years back. Raymond Lam has characteristics that no other star can match, and that is his friendliness towards the fans. Although his voice when singing was not as sweet (directly translated; it could mean nothing special probably because of the sentimental songs that he sang only and there were no upbeat songs for him to change the way he sings or tone of voice), and his songs were gentle melodies, therefore, dancing was not an option. However, he always smiled when he appeared on stage. Raymond is the only star who is “bold” enough to approach and make contact with the fans, and it was the first time that the audience had seen such an event that is the only one of a kind: the director was “bold” enough to let the fans who wore uniforms to get on stage and sing a whole song with Raymond (Remember to Forget). It was more touching than seeing Raymond wiping his tears because at the end of the song he spread his arms apart and embraced the fans. That particular scene was the most touching and emotional moment ever from a foreign star who came to Vietnam to perform.

Bao Thy did not make the first stage appearance for the opening of the concert as planned, but Raymond made the first appearance. The cute, Luong Bich Huu, appeared singing the song “Co Gai Trung Hoa” ["The Chinese Girl"] and gave Raymond the Vietnamese bamboo hats, which caused the audience to become fascinated by the scene. Ho Ngoc Ha did not disappoint the audience with her vibrant style.

When the night came to an end, the organizer had a surprise for some lucky fans – that is to meet and dine together with Raymond on the upper floor of the exhibition center.


MEEEET & DINE WITH RAAAAYMOND ? ! ohmygod , so jealous ;[
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