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European Films Compared to Asian Films
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27 / F / not here
Posted 11/13/08
hi just wanna ask, have you guys watched the American remake of my sassy girl, what can you say about it? thanks.
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29 / F / Sector ZZ9 Plural...
Posted 11/13/08 know, Europe invented film camera and cinema..Europe had first director first series, first comics,first historical movies..So is too hard to beat...When usa is just pure commerce..Europe is art...... See thats why hollywod was always stealing directors from europe and asia too..
I mean never heart about Fellini???...Antonioni??...Godard??...Bergman??... Bertolucci?? Truffaut.....Luis Buñuel..Bresson...Fritz Lange...Ejzenstein..Rosselini...De Sica...Chabrol... Forman.. Tarkovsky.Kieslowsky..can continue...
Even present Eu has names like Almodovar....Lars von Trier..Wim Wenders...
Wajda....Ozone..Kaurismaki..Tykwer..Polansky...Bekmambetov.. Kusturica..Benigni even Cristophen Nolan (Hmm new batman} is europe...
But dont crucified me..I am specializing in asian directors as zhang yimou..Wong kar wai..Kim ki duk..Yasujiro Ozu are my most favourite.....
But dont compare asian and europan cinema...Beter comapare those two together against american cinema..Because most new hollywood movies are asian/europe remakes made by foreign directors....
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41 / M / MA, USA
Posted 11/14/08

I like euro and asian cinema pretty much the same. Many excellent and entertaining films have come out of both euro and asian cinema be it mainstream, arthouse or cult. As for some directors of euro cinema I like.

Fritz Lang
Sergio Leone
Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Francois Truffaut
Ingmar Bergman
Jean Pierre Melville
Werner Herzog
Elio Petri
Jean Luc Godard
Henri Georges Clouzot
Pier Paolo Pasolini
Federico Fellini
Alfred Hitchcock
Jean Cocteau
Lina Wertmuller
Luis Bunuel
Jean Renoir
Robert Siodmak
Alain Resnais
Luchino Visconti

Lucio Fulci
Mario Bava
Dario Argento
Sergio Corbucci
Terence Fisher
Sergio Sollima
Fernando Di Leo
Enzo G Castellari
Alain Robbe Grillet
Antonio Margheriti
Aldo Lado
Umberto Lenzi
Jess Franco
Sergio Martino
Walerian Borowczyk
Stelvio Massi
Alan Clarke
Eugenio Martin
Giulo Questi
Pete Walker
Peter Watkins
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23 / F / ~♫Somewhere♪~
Posted 11/14/08
seriously...comparing isn't a good theory.....*sigh*
it depends on the people who likes them....T.T
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26 / F / Malaysia
Posted 2/9/09
Both are unique in its own way .
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28 / M / Sweden
Posted 2/9/09

best movie in 2008 (imo): Låt den rätte komma in (Let the right one in)

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33 / F / Kumamoto, Japan
Posted 2/9/09
See, the thing seperating the Asian films from the European films (or even American films) is that the Asian films have a limited source of actors to choose from. Their movies are limited to their general area in the world. What I'm trying to say is that is the Asian film industry wanted to make a movie set in Europe or America (or anywhere else in the world) they would need to find Caucasian actors who knew and spoke their language fluently (as though they grew up in their country). It's very difficult to do. They only have Asian actors to choose from usually.

European or American films have more to choose from in terms of actors. Especially American films because a lot of people speak English, and a lot of the time they don't need to be 100% fluent. They don't need to not have their authentic accent.

I like foreign films, though. It's just a shame that some film industries are limited due to the amount of actors they have to choose from.
Posted 2/11/09
asian films are better XD
Posted 2/11/09
harry potter first movie comes to my mind
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21 / F
Posted 10/11/09
It really depends on what kind of films you're talking about. If you're talking about horror and fantasy films, then I would definitely pick Asian films. They just get down and dirty, and show tons of detail when it comes to horror. I love it. And though sometimes the special effects gets kinda cheesy with the fantasy films, I do like how the film is directed and how they depicted some of the scenes. But, when it comes to other film genres, i.e. romance, action, whatever, I prefer European films.
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Posted 8/31/10
I haven't really seen a lot of European films but the ones i have seen are gooood (:
Soooo i would say both >w<
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28 / F
Posted 9/6/10
i like Asian Films more...
it suits me best since i really like those heavy drama films which Asians usually make,,
like Korean and Japanese..
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25 / F
Posted 9/6/10
I prefer Asian movies
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Posted 9/9/10
Well, i highly prefer american films..
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22 / F / Helmond (Holland-...
Posted 9/16/10
i'm from holland so iknow euro. movies already so i think asian movies are alot interesting <3
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