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[RP] School Life
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23 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 8/23/09 , edited 8/25/09
*2nd day at school*

*Beep Beep* : Felix from Year 2 Class 1, please come to the 1st student counsil room~

Ken: ... I'm in trouble...
Kyou: *whistles*
Seiryuu: Lets go~
Sef: Why should we... as a samurai! We must be rebellious.!
Fenrir: Lets beat them up..
Ken: How about we just go home?
Seiryuu: No!~ We must go to the student council's room~
Ken: Im not going~~
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 8/24/09
Other classroom - Year 3 Class 1 (This means I'm an upperclassman ^^ yet I act childish XD!)

Saki: Ara~ I wonder why Ken was called?
Yin: Who knows.
Yang: I know~! Um.......actually I don't know.
Rei: Then shut up, idiot.
Rien: Now, now, stop the bickering.
Rei: Don't you tell me what to do!
Rien: Um...Nevermind.
Rena: Someone seems to be heated today. *stares at Rei then rolls eyes*
Yin: Yang, I suggest you refrain yourself from doing stupid things.
Yang: *goes round and round Rei* Lala~~! Are you saying something Yin?
Rena: 5....4....3....2...
Yin: 1...
Rei: *starts bashing Yang*
Yang: *dizzy and hurt*
Rien: *sweatdrops*
Saki: *irritated by the noise while solving an ALGEBRA problem* Would all of you just shut up!!!!!!!! *class stares*

Teacher: Is there something you wanna say Saki?
Saki: Uhh.....Bye~! *chara changes with Rien and jumps out the window*
Class: Woooooohhh~~!!! You rock Saki~! So cool!
Saki: I'm not a rock! I'm human!
Girl Classmate: That was a figure of speech.
Class: *Sweatdrops*
Teacher: *angry and yells* All of you are having detention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boy Classmate: How come Saki isn't included?
Teacher: Because I say so. *thought: actually, I'm afraid she might destroy the school again*
Class: Then we're ditching too! *stands up*
Teacher: *looks like Medusa* You all were saying?
Class: *scared* Nandemonai

Saki: *sighs and rolls eyes* Stupid Charas...
Yin and Rena: And that refers to those people. *points at the others*
Rien: Hey!
Rei: Oh shut up!
Yang: Hm?
Rena: Well, it mostly applies to Yang though.
Yang: *sleeps randomly*
Saki: *sweatdrops*
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23 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 8/25/09
*Met saki*

Ken: Hi Saki~ What are you doing here? I though you are having class? Ditching?
Kyou: I don't think there is another else other than you will ditch..
Ken: The student Council are so..troublesome..
Fenrir: *stomach roar*
Ken: Lets eat something~!
Kyou: KFC!
Seiryuu: KFC is too heaty...
Sef: MacDonald then~
Fenrir: I wan eat Pizzahut~ Yeah I eat the whole shop...
Ken: ..If you all are argueing.. Lets go home and have instant ramen~
All: We'll have SUSHI then~
Ken: *signs* Jaa saki~
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 8/25/09
Saki: Ja, Ken. *waves*
Yang: *laughs*
Rien: Now she's laughing like mad woman.
Rei: More like a mad witch.
Yin: Nope, an ugly, mad witch.
Saki: *rolls eyes* You finished?
Rei: Yeah.
Rien: I guess.
Yin: Yep, that's pretty much it.
Rena: *shrugs*
Saki: Then, let's just go to the park and play an instrument or something.
Rei: But you don't even have an instrument.
Saki: You forgot, I have my harmonica with me.
Rien: That's convenient.
Yang: Yey~! Play a song! Play a song!
Saki: Let's just go to the park.
Rena: *nods and follows*
Yin: Hai. Hai.

At the park..

Yang: one's in the park. Well I get dibs on the swings~~!!!! Yeeeyyy~~!! *goes to the swings and play on her own*
Rien: *sweatdrops* No one's competing with you. *sits on another swing*
Saki: Then I'll be staying here at the base of the tree then. *sits at the base of the tree*
Rei: Whatever. I'm sleeping *yawns and fell asleep beside Saki*
Rena: As usual, I'll meditate.
Yin: *sigh* Someone got to watch that idiot over there. *points thumb to Yang* Well, Ja. *goes by the swings*
Rena: *starts meditating*
Saki: *plays harmonica, leaning towards the tree and closes eyes*

By the swings..

Yang: WEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
Rien: *rolls eyes* Shut up will you and try to enjoy the ride.
Yin: What's the use of telling her when she's not even listening.
Rien: *sighs and shakes head*


Rei: *suddenly wakes up* Who? What? When? Where? How? *looks at every direction*
Rena: *twitches in annoyance*
Saki: *stops playing* O.O? What was that?
Yin: *arrives dragging Yang with her* Did you hear that?
Rei: Well duh! Its a large explosion! Who wouldn't hear that?!
Rien: Someone's a hothead.
Rei: Not my fault the stupid explosion woke me up from my slumber.
Rena: *sighs* Let's just check it out.
Yang: *struggles out of Yin's grasp and breathes deeply* Wah~! What was that cool boom!!!! I want another~~!!!!!!!
Yin: *punches Yang* Shut up.
Saki: Let's go. *runs to the source of explosion and the charas follow*
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23 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 8/25/09
*standing outside pizzahut*
Ken: I was lucky I didn't go in... well well well.. Lets go home~
Kyou: That was insane.. You still looked NORMAL?!
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 8/26/09
Saki: Eh? What happened in Pizza hut?
Rena: It's obvious there's something that exploded.
Rei: Whatever, it doesn't concern us, let's just head back.
Yang: Weh~ Party pooper~! *stucks tongue out to Rei*
Rei: *pissed and chases Yang back to the park*
Rien: Cho-chotto matte yo~! *follows them*
Yin: *sweatdrops* And they didn't even notice Ken at all. *follows*
Saki: Hi Ken~! *notices the charas leaving* Bye Ken~!

Back to the park...
All: *Goes back to what they were doing*
Saki: So peaceful~~~

Then another explosion~~! BOOM!!!!!!!

Rei: What the hell is all the explosions all about!!!!!! *eyes turn red*
Saki, Yin and Rien: *sweatdrops*
Rena: *sighs*
Yang: YEY~~~!!! Another BOOOOMMMMM~~~!!!!
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23 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 8/26/09
Ken: Again... Anywhere I go will end up exploded... SOMEONE WANTED TO ASSASINATE ME?!
Kyou: I don't think they wanted to kill a lame person like you..
Fenrir: You gonna be on the newspaper tomorrow..

*Fenrir thinks about the newspaper*

Causing Pizzahut and ABC Music Store being missiled. (sub-title)

Kyou: That impossible..~ *whistles*
Ken: How come you all can be this calm dealing to dangers?
Kyou: We aren't calm.. Look at Sef and Seiryuu..~
Double S: *Speechless*
Sef: IMPOSSIBLE... Firework can't beat sword..Impossible!
Seiryuu: FIREWORK >.<" KAWAII~
Ken: Yeah.. Kawaii and destructive....too...I hope my home wont be missiled..
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 8/27/09
Saki: I've got a feeling...something even bigger is going to explode.

*BOOOOOMMMM~~!!!!! Ken's house exploded.*

Rien: *sweatdrops* You just jinxed it.
Saki: I did not. It was coincidence.
Yin: *kicks Yang* Shut up.
Rena: Oh boy. I've got a feeling somewhere else there's a person denying about the fireworks.
Rei: *rolls eyes* Will you stop acting like psychic? We charas have limitations you know...but whatever, doesn't matter anyways.
Rena: *ignores Rei*
Rei: Hey! Listen when I'm talking to you!!!
Saki: *walks away* Let's go. I want to go to the mall and do some chaos.
Charas: *follows*
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23 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 8/27/09
Ken: ... What the.. I haven went in my house yet... damn...
Kyou: You better leave this world.. hehe ...
Seiryuu: Where can we sleep now?~
Kyou: Lets go to senpai's house == .. and wait..
Sef: Why should we wait? . A true host will wait until their guest come..
Ken: We are uninvited.. Thats why..
Kyou: She would not come back home before 11.59 at night...
Seiryuu: Why this time?..
Kyou: .. Because I says so..
Ken: nevermind.. Lets go..

*Heads to saki's house*
Ken: I hope her house wont be missiled too..
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 8/27/09
Rena: *taps the shoulder of Saki, stopping her midway to the mall* I've got a bad feeling entering that mall.
Saki: Hm?

*BOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the mall exploded*

Yang: *claps* Oooooooohhhhhh.....~~~~
Yin: *sweatdrops*
Rei: What the heck is all with these explosions?!
Rien: We should go back to the house.
Saki: *nods* And let's might explode as well. *chara naries with Rien* Chain Maiden~! *jumps on each roofs and buildings*
Yin: She's so impatient.
Rei: Hurry up slowpokes~! *chases Saki*
Rena: *follows with soul boost*
Yin: *holds onto Rena's collar*
Yang: Cho-Chotto matte yo~!!!! Don't leave me!!! *flies and follows them*

In house....

Saki: *enters* That's odd. Shoes on the doorway...? Did we invite someone in, Yin?
Yin: I don't think so.
Yang: *pants* Mou!!! MEANIE PEOPLE!!! YOU ALL LEFT ME BEHIND!!!!
Rena: *looks in the living room*
Rei: Whatever. *follows Rena*
Saki: *sees Ken and his charas* Uh....I'm guessing you're here because of the state of your house..huh?
Yang: Well a good host is to let them sleep here in your house because Ken's homeless!!!!!!
Rena: It's pretty obvious.
Saki: But my parents' room are locked. I wonder if the guest room is clean. We didn't even use it for 10 years now.
Yang: Then, let's clean it up!!!!
Rei: Nah, too lazy to do that. *sleeps*
Yin: Then, don't mind sleeping in the living room don't you? The guest bedroom is very dirty and dusty...
Saki: But I need a barrier for the house to avoid those sudden explosions..I just hope the house won't be too crowded. Since other people's houses might explode as well....

*BOOOOOOOOMMMMMM~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another house exploded.*

Saki: O.O! That was next to us. *makes a chain lightning barrier*
Yang: Lalalalala~~~!!!!! *waves a giant fan and rings of light surrounds the house, protected*
Rena: No need to shout you know.
Yang: I was singing!
Yin: It didn't seem to look like it.
Saki: Um..*sweatdrops* well, back on don't mind sleeping in the living room Ken?
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23 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 8/28/09
Ken: I can sleep outside too.. if you don't mind =.=".. Do you know what's the time now?
Kyou: It will be a long lecture...
Ken:..Nevermind..I'll sleep here.. Just in case you doesn't know.. It's only.. 1730 hrs... How can you locked the house with barrier before I had my dinner?..
Charas: =.=" *sweatdrops*
Ken:. For that... You will get something for me to eat... Nee-san~ (Evil Grin)
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 8/29/09
Saki: *laughs nervously* Ahaha~ Gomen, gomen...I'll cook something available then. *goes to kitchen quickly, leaving the charas*
Rien: *sweatdrops* She got creeped out by the evil grin yet, she's also creepy when she does that.
Yin: She just needs a mirror.
Rena: *shrugs* I better chara change with her or for her to learn better, I'll just guide her. Who knows, the kitchen might be on fire right now. *goes to kitchen*
Yang: *claps in amazement* Sugoi~ That was the longest I've heard from her~~~~!!! SUGOI YO~~~~!!!!!! *jumps up and down*
Rei: *sleeps, not caring*
Rien: *rolls eyes* This situation will get worse huh?
Yin: Maybe.
Yang: YEEEEYYYYYY~~~~~!!! We have guests~~~!!! Demo...I can't see the booomm-thingy~~~ *pouts*
Yin: *kicks Yang* Don't wish for it you idiot. Where would everyone sleep?
Rien: Un, we wouldn't even be comfortable outside aside from Rei.
Yin: Well?
Yang: Uh....what she said. *points at Rien*

37 minutes passed.......from the kitchen..

Saki: Yatta! It's done. Minna can enter the dining room! It's prepared.
Rena: On my own courtesy.
Saki: But I still did it.
Rena: You didn't do much. I guided you and always replaces your mistakes.
Saki: Oh, just stop being braggy about it.
Rena: *shrugs, sits down and starts eating* Itadakimasu.
Yang: *eats noisily* YUUUUMMMMM~~~!!!!
Yin, Rei and Rien: *eats calmly*
Yin: *punches the head of Yang* Eat with more grace will you?
Yang: *stucks out her tongue at Yin* Never! *eats even more noisily*
Saki: *sighs and eats* Itadakimasu...Come on Ken, Seiryuu, Sef, Kyou, Fenrir. The food is for everyone you know.
Yin: They know the obvious Saki.
Saki: Oh shut up and eat.

(Well, it's japanese cuisine again since Rena was the one in charge. Yang can cook as well...but...she's not getting sane any minute...)
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23 / M / Somewhere...
Posted 8/29/09
Narrator: Just in case you haven't notice.. They were asleep...

All: *snoring..*(not loudly)
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20 / F
Posted 8/29/09
Type: (Sorority, Fraternity, or clique)Soroity
Club name:Black Diamond Supporters
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23 / F / Up in the Sky wit...
Posted 8/30/09
Saki: *sweatdrops* They fell asleep.
Rena: How rude.
Saki: *sighs* I'll get some blankets for them then.
Yin: Nah, I'll go and get it for you.
Saki: Well, that's surprisingly kind of you.
Yin: *gives the blanket*
Yang: *still busy eating with the others*
Rena: I'm going back eating.
Yin: Me too. *goes back to dining room with Rena*
Saki: *puts a blanket on Ken and his charas* I wonder if he's house will be fixed. *Stares at Ken then sweatdrops* I have a feeling it won't be soon. *stands up*
Yang: *runs to Saki* Saki-chan~~~!!!!!
Saki: Huh? *falls into sitting position* Ow. What is it?
Yang: Uh...I forgot...?
Saki: *Flicks forehead* Go back and eat.
Yang: *nods and skips happily back to kitchen*

(-_-' skips happily..? Yet charas are floating....-_-')
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