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Posted 7/31/09
What do you all think about hit? This is first episode of HIT was the second episode of a K-Drama that i've ever seen and I love it. It's totally not what I thought K-Drama's would be.

There are car chases, fist fights, epionage and shoot outs where every pistol seems to have an 80 round clip. The romance is kinda major, but it feels like if they devote 30 minutes to romance, they'll give 30 more to some action of espionage type of stuff. I think the balance is really cool and the stories is good and the acting is better than the other show I saw (Dr. Gang).

My only complaint is that the actress for Inspector Cha always has a puzzled look on her face no matter what the situation is. Romance, in a shoot out, getting yelled at, or yelling at someone else... her face always seems to reset into this semi-confused/almost about to cry look.
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