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Post Reply What were you watching on TV recently?
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42 / M / Canada
Posted 9/24/13
Just finished watching Agents of SHIELD,

they did a pretty good job

but it was the first time I have watched something on network TV in I don't know how many years and I can't believe how frustrating and annoying I found the commercial breaks. every god damn 10 minutes, bugged the hell out of me.

Gonna watch it streamed from the network site next time.

great show but Network TV just isn't for me anymore
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M / Fort Bragg, NC
Posted 9/24/13
Arrested Development!
I just found out that my friend's uncle is Buster in that show and he just won an Emmy. Can't wait to get an autograph from him!!
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36 / M / Santa Clarita, CA
Posted 9/28/13
Breaking Bad - finale on sunday.. having a party, cooked up some party favors

Chickens - basically the Inbetweeners in world war 1 england

the White Queen - great period show about the war of the roses... feels kindof like game of thrones... you can see how the war of the roses has inspired GRR Martin

Dexter - went out on a pathetic whimper

The Bridge - fairly good show.. FX just hasn't been nailing it like they used to

Broadchurch - decently entertaining

Hell on Wheels - ok

Strike Back - not sure why I still watch it, always end up doing other things with it on in the background

Big School - is ok

Boardwalk Empire - only seen like 1 ep of the new season so far, not that excited

Sons of Anarchy - it is getting pretty soapy now

Sleepy Hollow - only seen the pilot, seems fun

Brooklyn Nine Nine - only seen the pilot, enjoyed it

the New Girl - show has gone downhill

Survivor - I hate the redemption island gimmick.. it just saps allot of the strategy from the show

the Blacklist - way over the top, could be some decent mindless fun though

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - pilot was too pilot-ie, but I can see the potential of the show

Person of Interest - eh, last seaosn was great, this season is less interesting so far

South Park - always love it

Criminal Minds - show has just become very uninteresting

Revolution - NBC - so this show started on a whimper and got worse up to the mid season finale, then it somewhat redeemed itself by the end of the season, and the season 2 premiere was an all time high for the show... considering how Supernatural's first season was weak and then the show took off I have hopes that kripke can do it again

Parks and Recreation - great premiere

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23 / F / Iwatobi!!
Posted 9/29/13 , edited 9/29/13
Mainly Breaking Bad <3 So sad it's nearly over
Posted 10/4/13
The news Channel ^.^ The government shutdown and all the other junks going on around the world.
Posted 10/11/13
Keeping Up Appearances ^^
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Posted 10/20/13

I am in love with it. Asdfghjkl;
One Punch Mod
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 10/20/13
I let the season pile up, but I finally finished Breaking Bad yesterday (7 episodes in a row). And I think that'll probably be it for me for a while wrt to "regular" TV.
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47 / M / KC
Posted 10/21/13
I finally finished season 7 of Dr. Who.
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14 / F / Anime World
Posted 10/21/13
Pokemon XY
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24 / M / Corner of Moon &...
Posted 10/21/13
The Walking Dead! ^o^
Posted 10/22/13
Keeping Up Appearances
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21 / M / BC, Canada
Posted 11/3/13
IT Crowd and X-Files.
Posted 11/3/13
Citizen Khan
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Posted 11/6/13
once upon a time
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