I really they they hadn't killed him off....
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Posted 8/3/09 , edited 8/3/09
I'm not going to lie i was really upset when they killed off Gara! he was my favorite and just as he was starting to live for the future BAMB they kill him! Why? it wasn't like his character couldnt grow anymore... He was so cool they could have given him a love inters or something.........
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Posted 8/3/09
Gaara was ressurected, so really he didn't die, but to add some drama in the series, he did die, but was brought back to life. Only because if he was dead, the people wouldn't enjoy the series that much, and plus people would hate Deidara, I do though. I wish Hidan hadn't died and Sasori, and Asuma, and Deidara, and Itachi, and Kakuzu, 1%, and Gaara, even though he lived, and Obito! Whew that was so hard, well any ways... tadi da!
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Posted 8/5/09
^^ Exactly. Since that was all cleared up, I'm going to lock this (:

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