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Posted 12/28/09
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F / ╚☆ 紐約市,紐約,美國
Posted 12/28/09
Name: Yuumi or Yuu for short :3
Age: ...? I'm pretty stupid so i can't tell :3
Likes: Manga, Anime, Reading, Manga, Flashlights, Animals, Manga, Meh family and friends, & singing :3
Dislike: Buggies I hate those crawly thingys, Meanies, Mold, Moldy stuff, Moldy bread, Moldy flashlights and moldy manga (lol)
Buddie Meh <3
Posted 12/29/09
Yuu-Chii. <3 :33
Muffins <3
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19 / F / Los Angeles, Cali...
Posted 12/30/09 , edited 12/30/09
That's so close to your name
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23 / F / to somewhere land
Posted 1/1/10
Name: kat
Age: 15z
Likes: Anime, Manga, sourz kandyz, singingz aloudz,pockyz!,finalz fantastyz!!!!
Dislike:ummm sweetz kandyz,grape candyz,peoplez killingz animalz!!
helloz!! nice too meetz everybobyz!!! ;}
Posted 1/10/10
Name: momo
Age: August 2nd <3
Likes:manga, books, anime, facebook, COMPUTAHHHH, music, joaquin(a.k.a. bird)
Dislike: I HATE BUGS TOO!!!(like annay) liars, meanies, stealers/rippers,
nice to meet you all!
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