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Posted 8/3/09 , edited 8/4/09
I will be holding a game here to test your Hiragana. I will post a word in Hiragana translate it to roomaji ( Example: く. You say ku) Don't feel bad you have to look back to the list of Hiragana. Thats how you learn. Soon you be able to memorize every single Hiragana like me. It takes time and practice. I will make words and tell you the meaning of it.

Mods of this thread

If you want to mod this thread meaning that you will post a new word in Hiragana when someone guesses it and tell the meaning. So if you don't have the language toolbar then you can't help. I'm looking for people that has the language bar.

Ok first is


NOTE: Quote the post with the Hiragana. So I know when to post the next word.
Posted 8/3/09
I'm here to help as well. Have fun everyone :D
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