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Posted 5/11/14

eclair-lumiere wrote:

I don't know if this is the right forum....but can someone tell me why my watchlist has gone? And why I can't write reviews for anime anymore. And why I can't have a long avatar anymore, I now have to have a small square.

This thread is specfically about the "library" pages on Crunchyroll. For Site Support, you can browse, and create new threads in the Site Support / Minor Questions forum.

The watchlist feature is being phased out and now has limited functionality. However, if you already had a watchlist you should still be able to see what you had there, even though it's quite likely you can't do much by way of adding to it or editing it (go to /favs). There are a few threads about this over in that Site Support forum, but I couldn't find the most recent (perhaps because the title didn't actually say watchlist), however I believe the information I posted in one reply back in August is still accurate: /forumtopic-818851/my-watchlist-is-gone-#44211485

I have no idea why you wouldn't be able to write a review for a show. If you go to a Show page and click on the Review tab, there is a button that says "Write Review." If that's not working for you, please report it via the Contact Us link. There are minimum character requirements both for the title of the review and the review itself, so make sure you're using at least that many characters.

Regarding the long avatars, haikinka is correct. That's no longer an option. Only people who already had them at the time the new requirement started have them. Once you eliminate a long avatar you can no longer add a new one--it needs to be square.
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Posted 10 days ago
Quick question: I wanted to watch Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and I was told that Crunchyroll had quite literally every single Gundam show on the planet for legal streaming. However, whenever I visit Gundam 00 or any other Gundam page, there's no videos there. It's not like there weren't any videos to begin with, since it has the ratings and everything. But what the devil happened to all the Gundam videos?
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