Top Ten Favorite Funny Scenes from any Movies?
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Posted 8/6/09
Mine are the scene from
1.)dirk work or something like that when the guy goes hey there's a dead hooker in that trunk then another guys goes Ihaven't seen that many dead hookers in my life lord knows I have.LOL

2.)next was friday after next when the big guy was like wake I like my fish wet and sworming then kat williams took a wrench to the guys nuts.

3.)super bad well that movie was just funny


5.)Dumb&Dumbermer ther's shyte all over my car there's shyte all over the walls.

well these are just some of my favorites what about you?
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Posted 8/6/09
That's only 5. Moved to the movie section.

Mine would be..
1. Lino and stitch-- When lilo's on the phone with Mr. Cobra Bubbles and she says "oh good! My dog found the chainsaw! "
2. Never been kissed-- when she's waiting at the pitcher's plate waiting to get kissed
3. Oldboy-- when he's using the hammer @_@
4.American Beauty-- when Carolyn and Lester Burnham are arguing about a coach.
Carolyn Burnham: This is a $4,000 sofa, upholstered in Italian silk. It is not just a couch.
Lester Burnham: [shouts] It's just a couch!

5.Guide Recognizing Your Saints-- The train scene when his brother dies.. I was like.. WHOA!
6.The Fifth Element-- when the concert is on and she's kicking butt!
7. 50 first dates-- The ending. Don't want to spoil it.. When she comes out on deck.
8. Insideman-- When he almost got caught
9. JSA Joint Security Area-- At the end when that tourist takes that picture. And all of them are in it.. so sad
10 Danny the Dog-- When they finally take off the collar @_@

~Moved to the movies section
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