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Posted 8/6/09 , edited 8/6/09
I recently became a bit more active in my yahoo! answer account and from there, I stumbled upon tons of question which had the title "What anime is this?".

I then realized that there are many animes that we've all watched since childhood or most recently but after a while just fade away from our memory, become blurry, or we forget it's title and most of us want to remember but it's hard.

I made this so that we can compile animes we don't remember completely and wait for someone who know it to remind us.

For example, write the description of the anime(all of what you can remember, anything that might help us to find it). Then, if someone knows about it, quote the post and tell the person asking what anime it is.

I know that it's stupid making something that requires work. I was actually thinking of making this thread to ask about this anime I've forgotten but since this is a forum, I thought that it shouldn't be just one question.

Delete if Duplicate.

My forgotten anime is this:

Please help me!! Thanks in advance...
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Posted 8/6/09
You mean sort of like the anime help thread? Where people don't know a character or forgotten a series? They ask for help, and someone eventually comes by, quotes them, and gives them the answer they are looking for?

We already have a thread like that:

The anime/manga help thread

Please just use the following thread.

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