what about manhwas?
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heey peepz...
watcha think of manhwas??

you know, Korean comics...XD

here's some recommendations...
By: Hwang Mi Ri

Do you want to try?(ongoing)
By: Cha Kyung Hee

You're so Cool(completed)
By: Lee Young Hee
NO PHOTOZ(Cant be bothered*sigh*)

I Accept you(ongoing)
By: Kwon Yeul hee

Cutie Boy (completed)
By: Hwang Mi Ri

well, yeah...that's all for now...
i hope you liked them...

(Sorry if this is a dupe)

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I love manhwas almost as much as mangas!
In fact, I even have a manwha - called "Demon Diary" [I love it~]
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A duplicate, definitely. Someone please help me find the link to prove it and move this to the closed section. I can't quote or paste any links using ipod touch, jeez.
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