How much do U LUV yourself ^@^
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Posted 8/7/09
[center]I Just wonder why most people wont Upload picture of them self with out make up?[/center]

[center]do you guys have problem with self image sometime and just cant take other criticism?[/center]

Yes i have these problem personally but i face it. it normal to get criticism and i learn that no one is perfect. so to me taking a picture of myself for the way I I'm is ok and i hope other can do it too.

my mother always say make up is not good for your skin.
and it make your face look uglier every day if you wear it for a long time but im happy with my face and my life . and i hope that people who wear make up each day even in there own home can let they're face free of powder and foundation.

Don't get me wrong, it does not mean that people should not wear make up at all. i just mean that wear it when you think it special. not when you're going to the mall, but like a special date, or going to a birthday party.
Posted 8/7/09 , edited 8/7/09
Yeah I Guess Everyone Loves Themselves,
One Way Or Another.
Posted 8/7/09
I luv myself enuff to sing the I too sexy song when I dress in the mornin
Posted 8/7/09
i love myself this much
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Posted 8/7/09
We have enough love threads.

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